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Ask An Expert: 2014's Trends With Staying Power

Miami International University of Art & Design (MIU) Fashion Instructor Gia Salardi began her career in the fashion industry in the 90s as a part-time merchandiser for Dayton-Hudson Corporation. She followed the position working for The Gap as a visual manager then as store manager which followed with positions as store manager for The Limited and Guess. She was then recruited by Bloomingdale's to work as an area selling manager where she was awarded "Best of The Best" manager in 2002.

While working as a visual stylist and merchandiser at Saks Fifth Avenue, Salardi was responsible for creating inviting and pleasant in-store visual environments by styling mannequins, merchandising the store, creating in-store displays and training all associates on the company's visual standards.

She also assisted the marketing department with event planning and execution for charity events, trunk shows and fashion shows. Salardi's experience, knowledge and education led her to teach Fashion Merchandising. She admires the constant change, the innovation, the new fabrics and textiles, the new colors, the designers, the companies, the battle for being the number one brand, the competition and, most importantly, the passion and talent of the people working in the industry.

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Gia Salardi currently teaches at MIU for the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising program – Consumer Behavior, Creative Fashion Presentation and Forecast, Effective Communication for Fashion, Introduction to Cosmetics and Fragrance and from next quarter, Visual Merchandising II. She also instructs Licensing for Designers for the Fashion Design program. She explains that the internet, social media and bloggers have opened new doors to many new trends, companies and designers from around the globe. Some trends are here to stay, some will become classics and many more trends will go on to become fads. Here are the top five trends from 2014 that will continue on into 2015.


This category is growing in the fashion industry and it will stay with us for a while. Many luxury brands and companies are implementing activewear in their designs and collections and some celebrities are doing collaborations with well-known activewear brands. Active wear is introducing innovation and technology to their garments; as a result, the consumer target market has increased.

The Cropped Top

They come in every color, design and texture and if paired with the right garments, they can turn into statement pieces. We are already seeing many designers producing this trend, here in Miami it is a must-have piece because of the weather.

The Bold Prints

We are seeing prints on t-shirts for men and women and also on tops, jackets, shirts and dresses. Many designers are incorporating special pieces with their own print designs.

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Denim has re-entered the fashion industry stronger than ever before. Lately denim has produced several trends as denim on denim, skinny jeans and  leggings or jeggings  We also see denim as a category that has denim jumpers, dresses, jackets, pants and so on. We've even seen denim in handbags and accessories. Companies are also introducing technology in their garments and they are striving to be innovative and ahead of the market.

Black And White

This trend is very easy to wear and versatile. Many consumers have many pieces in their closets that they can mix and match or match and match. Customers love this trend because you can get creative with the silhouettes and play with textures and fabrics. This trend will continue for a long time and we are seeing signs that this trend will become a classic soon!

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Chanoa Chen is a Fashion Merchandiser, Freelance Writer and Blogger. Chanoa has contributed stories to top firms including QVC Insider Germany and regularly contributes to CBS Local Miami and may be reached via:

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