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Ask A South Florida Expert: How To Keep Your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

Now that 2016 has hit like a freight train, you don't want to look like you have been run over by the freight train! Some of you have made that resolution to yourself to stay in shape, lose weight and "get healthy." So, why aren't you? It's a "new year and new you." Don't be the same you with a few extra tires around the waist. Let an expert help! To keep those pounds down and your body "magnificent," Mikal Singletary brings you five tips in keeping off that weight, while building you a new body!

Mikal Singletary
Power Moves Fitness, Inc.
Broward Central Park
3700 N.W. 11th Place
Lauderhill, FL 33311
(954) 696-5767

A proud native of South Florida and certified fitness instructor for more than 15 years, Mikal Singletary has been playing his part in keeping South Florida in shape and healthy. First becoming interested in fitness while serving in the military, he eventually realized that a lot of people were seeking his advice in fitness training. These inquiries motivated him to study and absorb physical fitness as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. What he didn't realize was that it would eventually lead to a career in the field.

Studying the art and science of exercise, while gaining hands-on experience, would lead to years of success in the personal training of others, in-demand boot camps and summer fitness camps for children. Singletary uses this camps for children to encourage them to be stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle during early development. He has previously held a summer fitness program with the city of Lake Worth, where he also promoted health and fitness to the youth.

He tries to keep away from "gimmicky or equipment-based training," sticking to basic movements and building from there. This is the way, he believes, that others can "take control of their own fitness destiny." Mikal currently holds Saturday boot camps at Broward Central Park in Lauderhill. Classes are focused on beginner and intermediate fitness levels, while separately training small groups and individuals on site or in a location convenient to them.

"I think community support and solidifying community roots are very important," states Singletary. "I love the community and I want to see it strive."

NFPT-certified, Mikal breaks down five fitness tips to help carry you and encourage your fitness success beyond the start of the New Year.

Mr. Moe's Restaurant & Bar

Tip #1 | Diet

"When it comes to diet, small changes are easier to adhere to. Making simple, sensible adjustments in your diet over time will make it easier to follow."

Tip #2 | Rest

"Make sure that you are getting proper rest and allowing proper recovery from your workouts."

Tip #3 | Drink Your Water

"Staying hydrated is very important to staying fit and healthy."

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Tip #4 | Say No To The Scale

"Do not be discouraged by the scale. In fact, avoid the scale. Taking measurements is a more accurate way of gauging your progress."

Tip #5 | Fix Your Attitude

"The attitude you have when approaching your workout is very important. If your outlook is negative, it's going to be hard to stay motivated and consistent. There are a million ways to train. Find something you find fun and build from there."

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Singletary works out 4 to 5 days a week, splitting workouts between weight resistance and doing outside work, using his body weight. When asked what keeps him going through the tough days, Mikal replies: "I approach the workout almost as an assignment and the work has to be completed one way or another."

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