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Ask A South Florida Expert: How To Find The Perfect Babysitter

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Rachel Charlupski
The Babysitting Company
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Miami Beach, FL 33141
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Owner and founder of The Babysitting Company, Rachel Charlupski, has made a name for herself in the business world. Starting out, Rachel would go to hotels in the Phoenix area (near where she went to school at Arizona State University) and approach young families in need of a sitter. Fast forward to today and Charlupski has one of the single most successful one-person-businesses in the world. Expanding from a single office in Miami Beach to 13 offices all across the U.S., including ones in London and Israel, Rachel is quite the entrepreneur.

Background Checks Are Essential

Charlupski states that background checks are imperative in ensuring your child's safety. She also says that a parent should look into the potential sitter's social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make sure the applicant isn't partaking in any illicit activities. A list of professional references is also a must, as your babysitter should have experience in the workplace and be in good standing with their previous employer.

Drug Test Or Bust

Rachel infers that a trustworthy applicant should be willing to take a drug test prior to employment. Because you don't want your sitter to be using on the job, nor do you want your children to be subjected to any drug-like activities. Charlupski adds that an applicant who is unwilling to take a drug test is not be trusted.

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In-Person CPR Certification A Must

Charlupski says that no babysitter should be even considered for employment without first completing a CPR certification course. She also states that the certification must be from an in-person course, as there are a variety of online courses that are offered, but don't allow the sitter to practice the CPR maneuver on actual dummies in cases of emergency.

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Maturity Is Key

Although you may be tempted to allow your 15-year-old neighbor to watch over your children, Rachel says that finding a sitter who is at least 18 years of age is incredibly important. For starters, you may need your babysitter to drive your children from one place to another. Also, in case of an emergency, your child may need to receive medical care, in which case having a driver with whom is of age to carry multiple passengers is vital to your child's safety.

Likability Is Important

Rachel reveals that although all of the above requirements are extremely important in finding a babysitter, you also want your children to be left with someone with whom they enjoy spending time with. She also stresses the importance of your nanny speaking the same language, as in an emergency situation, it can be the difference between life and death. But overall, parents should just be looking for a young, qualified, whole-hearted, responsible individual who is willing and able to look after your loved ones.

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