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Ask A South Florida Expert: How To Decorate Your Home For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving often gets lost between Halloween and Christmas as far as decorating goes. There are so many great and simple ways to decorate for this fun and important holiday, though. Yvette Mullings of Edgewater Design Group, LLC gives some tips on ways to get your home ready for Thanksgiving this year. Use these five tips to not miss out on making your home look its best this Thanksgiving!
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Yvette Mullings

Edgewater Design Group LLC
Miami, FL
(786) 519-0996

Yvette Mullings, born in Jamaica, is owner of Miami-based design organization Edgewater Design Group LLC. Mullings earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design from Kean University in 2005. Through Edgewater Design Group LLC, she is able to offer full service interior design and a popular budget savvy design option called bite-size design. She has even worked with Sandals Resorts International to collaborate on several design projects throughout the Caribbean. For more information on Mullings and her background, visit her 'Meet the Designer' webpage.

Matching The South Beach White Color Scheme

Mullings points out that "South Beach décor is all about white on white, so it can get a little tricky trying to incorporate fall elements into your monochromatic color scheme." She describes the way to go around this and get a "more modern Thanksgiving look" is to "use white pumpkins for a twist on the traditional orange variety." Don't worry if white pumpkins aren't available, as Mullings says an easy fix is by using white spray paint. For those looking for a little extra she advises to, "add a little bling by using silver or gold metallic spray paint on the pumpkins."

Autumn Colors Are A Simple Touch

Not interested in the more modern Thanksgiving look incorporating the South Florida white theme? Mullings states the way to bring about a more traditional Thanksgiving look is to "bring the warmth and charm of Thanksgiving into your home by adding texture and rustic details." This can be accomplished by simple touches. She describes that "adding a plaid throw, burlap pillows, wire baskets and crates helps to create a nostalgic autumn feel."

Candles Are A Nice Touch

While seemingly a basic thing, Mullings affirms that "candles are always a great decorating staple in the home." Thanksgiving time is a great time to use candles for decorating, and she gives some new twists to do so. One way to use candles in Thanksgiving decorating is to "fill hurricane candle holders with cranberries, acorns, pine cones and even candy corn to play up a fall theme." Another tip Mullings gives on candle decorating is to, "add cinnamon and pumpkin spice scented candles on top to finish off the display."

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Pumpkins Are Still In Style

Even after Halloween, pumpkin season is not quite over. They are not only a staple in the Thanksgiving meal but can provide for some great decoration accents during the season as well. Mullings suggests using the giant pumpkins leftover from Halloween "as an ice bucket for Thanksgiving." She says this can be achieved by "cutting the pumpkin in half, scooping out the middle and adding ice and beverages." A way to make use of mini pumpkins is by switching them out with pillar candles. "Using several pillar candle holders in different heights makes for a great centerpiece," Mullins also recommends.

Use Of Gourds

The final Thanksgiving decorating tip Mullings offers is about making good use of gourds,  a Thanksgiving staple. She suggests using "miniature gourds, which are plentiful around Thanksgiving, by stacking them in tall vases and place on mantels or a hall table." Another way to use them is by, "displaying a colorful cluster of gourds on a coffee table on top of a cake stand." For those that aren't fond of gourds, these decorating tips can also be achieved using the trusty pumpkin.

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Suzy Fielders is a working mom of a spirited 8 year old daughter. She has an MA in Communication Studies and BA in Psychology and Communications. She works in marketing/public relations, is a freelance writer and is very involved in the Winston-Salem community and arts & films scene.

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