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As Tough As Nails

MIAMI (CBS4) – When the going gets tough - the tough buy nail polish!

It may sound crazy, but it's true for some South Florida dolls, just ask Shannon Dalbo, director of sales at GBS Beauty in Aventura.

"It used to be lipstick was the hottest must have and now everybody is all about nails. Nail polish has become the absolute must have accessory," said Dalbo. "$770 million dollars alone in America has been spent on nail polish, which is amazing. It's 16% increase over the previous year. It really is amazing. We've seen a 40% increase at GBS. It really is not slowing down."

Industry experts said they found when money is tight, it's easier to pay $5-$10 bucks for a bottle of nail polish than something more expensive.

"I think 33% of women own more than 25 bottle of nail polish. It's like they have little collections," said Dalbos.

Some women splurge a little more on their nails. At the NailBar and Beauty Lounge in Midtown, which specializes in nail art, owner Desiree Parth said business is booming.

"Maybe in the past when you need to take time to relax or take time to get pampered you got a massage. Today they consider getting their nails done as that moment," said Parth. "It's a little time getting your nails done that's for you; it's an affordable luxury."

Fifty Shades of Grey is the name of a book, but there's also hundreds of shades of that color and then some when it comes to nail polish color varieties. The same goes for reds, pinks and so on.

Dee Trillo, a fashion blogger, and Lisa Concepcion, a lifestyle writer, both work hard for their money and budget for their weekly mani/pedi appointments. Trillo got one of the hottest trends for nails now - the 'accent nail' where one nail is a standout, painted a different color from the rest of the nails.

"It's like a handbag or jewelry" said Trillo. "It's a way for you to contrast with your clothing with your outfit, and it's also a way for you to show the trends that are out there right now."

Concepcion got the newest funky appliqués trend on her nails. She said Miami is the place to show off all the hot trend in nail designs these days.

"Nails are hard core in Miami! This is the land of bright colors, open toe shoes, so if you have a manicure and a pedicure to complement your outfit Miami is the place to do that for sure," said Concepcion.

Nails polishes and styles are so hot; they're off the shelves just as quick as they are on them.

The newest collections from Essie at GBS are said to sell out in minutes and they are all over the Internet.

Pinterest, the sharing ideas website, has tons of pages of inspirational nail art under the hashtag #nails.

So the next time you're looking for a little splurge ladies, head out to your local beauty store or manicure salon and go for it.

The perfect pick-me-up just might be a fresh coat of paint!

For more info on these funky nails visit the GBS Beauty Store or NailBar and Beauty Lounge.

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