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Victim Speaks Out After Carjacking, Standoff In Miami

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - After a tense stand-off, Miami police were able to take an armed carjacking suspect into custody without incident.

That suspect, 36-year-old Benjamin Klispie, told police that the incident "wasn't about taking a car. I wanted police to shoot me." That information was contained in a new report released by Miami Police.

The report also said that Klispie refused to speak with investigators later during questioning.

Klipsie, who is from Miami, is charged with armed robbery and carjacking.

Gabriela Alberto, a trainer at a prenatal and postnatal center at SW 2nd Avenue and 8th Street, said she had just gotten out of her car with her 4-year old daughter in her arms on her way to work around 7:30 a.m. when she was approached by a knife wielding man. She said he threatened her and asked for her keys.

"Everything was very fast, he showed me a knife so I gave him the keys," said Alberto. "I was with my daughter. This was horrible. This was stressful."

Alberto said she punched Klispie and smacked him in the head with a coffee mug.

"I'm a strong mom and I hit this guy on the forehead first and then he showed me the knife so I stepped back," said Alberto.

Alberto's boss at the fitness center, Erika Boom, told CBS4's Peter D'Oench, "She threw her cup as a way of complaining. She was showing that she wasn't happy with that. As women we are more vulnerable. You have to be very careful."

A group of construction workers saw the commotion and also reportedly struggled with Klipsie before he sped off in Alberto's 2013 Hyundai Veloster.

According to a new police report, one Good Samaritan tried to put his foot in the door, jamb of the victim's car to prevent it from being stolen but that did not stop the car jacker.

"He came through the gas station and just kept flying, flying like a bat out of hell, and ran down to the dead-end," said Tiberious Jones.

Klispie ended up pulling into the driveway in front of a house on NE 61st Street and Biscayne Boulevard. Police swarmed into the area and surrounded the car.

"There was nowhere he could go," said Donald Dorcilus. "Because SWAT was already out there, people with AK-47s, there's nowhere he can go."

Klispie tried several times to get out of the car with what look like a bag in or over his hand hiding the knife he was carrying, according to police, but immediately got back inside. He was also bleeding from the head.

"He had to think about what he did," said police spokeswoman Frederica Burden. "He was basically trying to make a decision whether he was going to go easy or whether we going to have to force him out."

Just after 9 a.m., Klispie man surrendered and was placed in cuffs.

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