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Are Competing Black Friday Stores Ruining The Holidays?

When is a holiday not a holiday?  When you have to work and can't spend it with your loved ones.

The Grinch is now trying to steal Thanksgiving and it won't be much of a holiday for an unprecedented amount of people.

I'm not talking about police, firemen, airport workers, doctors, nurses or even news people who provide essential services to the community.

Black Friday shopping insanity is now starting Thursday.  Stores are opening on Thanksgiving day itself, others at midnight, ruining the holiday for hundreds of thousands of workers.

A petition with almost two hundred thousand signatures asked Target to save Thanksgiving and not open when midnight strikes.  But Target and other retailers say they're trying to stay competitive in a tough economy and that customers want to start shopping right after eating their turkey, instead of waking up early on Friday.

The easy solution to save Thanksgiving is for you, me and everybody else to not go shopping tomorrow.  But, it's hard to pass up the great deals.  So, sadly, I suspect the Grinch is winning and that, in the future, this great American holiday won't be much of a holiday for a lot more workers.

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