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Alonzo Mourning Sued Over Car Accident

MIAMI (CBS4) – While former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning is focusing on his Zo's Summer Groove, his attorney is dealing with a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

William Candelario, 20, sued Mourning over an early Sunday morning accident allegedly with Mourning. The crash happened at 3 a.m. in the westbound lanes of the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

Candelario's attorney, Spencer Aronfeld, said Candelario's Audi was headed across the bridge when he crashed and flipped several times. According to Aronfeld, Mourning's Porsche hit the Audi after Candelario's initial accident.

"We don't know how Mr. Mourning was involved in this crash, but we do know how he left the scene of it," Aronfeld said.

Aronfeld said Mourning returned approximately 40 minutes later in a different car with his wife Traci. Aronfeld said Mourning's Porsche has $30,000 in damages. However, the amount of damages is not listed on the Florida Highway Patrol's accident report.

FHP said Mourning's car hit the rear driver's side of Candelario's car. FHP's report said Mourning left and called FHP about the accident and was told to return to the scene. Mourning did this and gave a statement to an FHP trooper.

According to Aronfeld, it's not known if Mourning took a sobriety test.

For his part, Candelario remembers nothing about the accident, but claims that he wasn't drinking or under the influence, just driving around South Beach.

William Candelario's Audi
(Source: Aronfeld Trial Laywers)

"I barely remember getting home that night," Candelario said. "But we never entered a club. We never entered a bar. We never had any kind of alcoholic drink."

"He's been diagnosed with a concussion," Aronfeld said. "He has memory loss. He has amnesia. He is now being put under the care of a neurologist."

Candelario is suing for "information" and damages. Aronfeld said the Audi A4 was a loss and that William is enduring other major expenses.

"This is not a witch hunt," Aronfeld said. "What we are doing here is looking for answers. Somebody has to be responsible for compensating him for the loss of his time from work, time from school, medical bills in the past and in the future."

The Florida Highway Patrol said they still have a couple of witnesses to interview before they release a full crash report, but charges are pending.

CBS4 caught up with Mourning at his annual charity basketball camp.

"It's unfortunate," Mourning said. "I've been very cooperative with authorities and from my understanding, no one was hurt; and I'm looking forward to a positive conclusion with all this. I think it's an unfortunate situation that it has gotten to this point."


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