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Video shows Florida authorities wrangling huge alligator at Air Force base

Alligator wrangled at Florida Air Force base
Video shows alligator being wrangled at Air Force base in Florida 00:57

Video shows Florida authorities wrangling a large alligator that wandered onto the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. 

Footage released by the base on Monday shows what military officials described as their "newest toothy Airman" as it was being reined in by two Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers. In the clip, gator tried to break loose multiple times.

Alligator wrangled at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.  MacDill Air Force Base via Storyful

Photos from the base also showed the animal resting underneath a wheel of one of their aircraft. After capturing it, the nearly 10-foot-long gator was moved to a "more suitable environment" and relocated to the Hillsborough River, the commission said, according to CBS affiliate WTSP. 

An alligator was seen resting underneath an aircraft at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. It was later relocated to a river.  MacDill Air Force Base

Officials with the base said the commission believed this alligator strayed away from its home because of another enormous alligator named Elvis, who's known for his 12-foot length and who roams the area. In 2018, Elvis was described as an "absolute monster" and "like a freaking dinosaur" in a video of him walking across a golf course at the base.  

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