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Al Golden Says He Was 'Burnt Out' In Miami – WHAT?

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As we're all guilty of, I aimlessly scrolled through Facebook this Thursday morning and my attention was caught by a link shared by the good folks at State Of The U.

SOTU's Cam Underwood, penned an article citing comments made by former University of Miami head football coach Al Golden – now an assistant with the Detroit Lions – following one of his new team's practices.

To paraphrase Golden's words: "I was a head coach for 10 years and I was burnt out."

Burnt out?

Burnt out!


If you haven't popped a blood vessel, you can read the full story on Golden in the Detroit Free Press.

But, did this guy really say that he was "burnt out"?

Cue all the meme faces, please:






In his time in Coral Gables, Golden complied a 32-25 record, never won the ACC Coastal Division, never played in an ACC title game and suffered more than his fair share of gut-punching losses.

And all the fans – the people who should've been "burnt out" during Golden's tenure – got along the way was: "trust the process".

In order to be "burnt out", doesn't that mean you had to once be actually shining?

Candles burn out. Light bulbs burn out. Some people even think the sun will eventually burn out.

Al Golden did not shine in Miami.

He continued to put his foot in his mouth and slap Miami fans in the face at the same time in the article.

"At the end of the day, I took the job without knowing that there was an impending NCAA investigation and eight months into it, it blew up and it took its toll at the end of the day, and that's it," Golden said in the Free Press article. "I haven't looked back since. I miss the players. I miss the people that were supportive of my family and I, the people that were friends. But other than that we've moved on and now I'm looking after a new group."

This is the same coach who consistently missed in recruiting, never developed a relationship with esteemed football alumni and refused to get rid of his defensively inept friend Mark D'Onofrio.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but isn't it funny that NFL All-Pro Calvin Johnson decided to retire – still well within his prime – a month after learning that the Lions had hired Golden?

The Detroit Lions roster doesn't have any former Hurricanes on it at the moment, and it wouldn't be shocking if it remained that way.

Sorry Detroit, he's your problem now.

"Burnt out", can you believe this guy?

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