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Aguilar's Family Returns To Gravesite A Day After Bravo's Conviction

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- A day after the man who killed their son was convicted, Christian Aguilar's family went to the site where Pedro Bravo partially buried him after strangling him.

"It was so hard. It was a long night," said Christian's mom Claudia Aguilar.

For Christian's mom and dad, it's less painful to go back there after the conviction.

"It's difficult but at the same time, it's the first time we come over here already with the relief that the person who did this to my son is no longer going to hurt anyone," said Christian's father Carlos Aguilar.

Praying for strength, Christian's family reclaimed the spot, marked with his name spray painted on a rock.

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Christian Aguilar Gravesite
(Source: CBS4)

"We have more of a sense of tranquility. We feel more relaxed and feel more relieved. It's a sense of peace we have," said Christian's cousin Freddy Tacha.

Christian's dad Carlos said he's done focusing on Bravo. He now has justice, even though Bravo refuses to admit he killed Christian.

"I know in my heart and I know in my actions that day and I know God as well knows that I did not kill Christian Aguilar," said Bravo after being convicted on Friday night.

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The family wants to spend time together remembering how Christian lived and not how he died.

Christian Aguilar Gravesite
(Source: CBS4)

"For all of our family, this is a special place. This is the last place where Christian rest, that he was complete in flesh," said Carlos Aguilar.

The Aguilar family said they plan on keeping the gravesite cleared out and clean so people can go to visit whenever they want.


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