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Leave The Driving To The Dolphin

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami Dolphins lineman A.J. Francis makes his living "driving" opponents off the ball. But now the NFL pro is looking to earn some extra cash doing driving of a different sort. With his buffed out 2014 Dodge Charger Francis wants to be a driver for Uber, the app-based ride for hire company.

He tweeted out Wednesday, "Just applied to be an Uber driver...I hope my background check goes well."

Francis says he's absolutely serious, and was attracted as an Uber customer.

"Every time I get in the car with somebody, and they were my Uber driver, I really enjoyed the experience," Francis told CBS4's Gary Nelson.

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He also likes the flexible hours Uber would allow him to work.

He'll earn more than half a million dollars with the Dolphins this year, while Uber drivers make $16-30 an hour.

Francis evokes the name of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in explaining why he'll work for less.

"Just because Mr. Ross is a billionaire, that doesn't stop him from acquiring other companies that aren't going to make him a billion dollars," Francis said.

In a tweet, Francis said, "People ask me why would you want to be an Uber driver if you play in the NFL?  You know what's better than NFL money? More money."

Francis says he's qualified to be a driver for hire, saying he last received a moving traffic violation when he was sixteen.

As for baggage handling, that shouldn't be a problem for the 6'5", 330 pound lineman.

"Luggage won't be any heavier than the weights I lift already," Francis said, chuckling.

He knows Uber is illegal in South Florida now, but says it will score eventual approval.

While he receives the occasional flag on the football field, he's not worried if he gets flagged by code enforcement while working for Uber.

"Luckily we live in America, and in America you don't stifle capitalism," he said.

Francis is known for his flamboyance, as when he proposed to his wife before cheering friends. She said yes. And apparently so has Uber.

The company tweeted him Friday, saying, "Thanks for applying!  We're excited for you to hit the road. You'll be hearing from us soon."

So, this year a fan might watch Francis play on Sunday and get a ride home from him after the game.



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