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9-1-1 Calls Released From Night Police Say Teens Snuck Into Ray Allen's Home

CORAL GABLES (CBSMiami) - Police have released the 911 calls from the night teenagers snuck into former Miami Heat star Ray Allen's Coral Gables mansion while his wife and kids were sleeping.

In the recording, you hear the basketball players wife Shannon Walker Allen talking to the emergency dispatcher moments after the uninvited guests barged into the couples bedroom while she was asleep with their four children.

Dispatcher: "They were inside, not outside?"

Mrs. Allen: "They were in my bedroom, they were in my bedroom with flashlights."

Mrs. Allen: "I sat up in bed and screamed."

Dispatcher: "How long ago was this?

Mrs. Allen: "About two minutes ago. The back door is open by the pool, you can see where they came in... I was dead asleep but I saw flashlights and I heard voices so I sat up in bed, I think it was like five or six kids."

Police say seven teenagers went in to the home around 2:30 a.m. through an unlocked door after a party in the CocoPlum neighborhood. They say the groups thought no one was home and it would be cool to see Ray Allen's house.

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Mrs. Allen: "They were walking through my bedroom, we have like a sitting room in my bedroom, and they were like as if they were on a tour, pointing out stuff like 'Oh wow look at this picture' and 'oh my god look he's got a flat screen TV.'"

"I just sat up in bed and said what the (expletive) are you doing in my house?"

Allen told detectives the teens laughed and ran out. The group was later caught and questioned by detectives but not arrested.

The Coral Gables Police Department said the State Attorneys Office advised that since there was no forced entry, no intent to commit a crime and nothing taken, the suspects would only face a misdemeanor charge of trespassing.

The Allen's criticized the decision and released a statement over the weekend the said in part:
"The suggestion that anyone can unlawfully enter into someone's locked home and then into an occupied bedroom in the middle of the night without consequences is unsettling, regardless of the stated or actual reason for such unlawful entry."

The State Attorneys Office confirms prosecutors and police met with the Allen's late Monday afternoon to take their statement and discuss charges.

A source close to the investigation tells CBS4's Gaby Fleischman the teenagers will likely be arrested within the next 48 hours. It is unclear what charges they will face.

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