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7-Year-Old Hero Saves Mom's Life By Calling 911

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - At just 7 years old, Ayden James is a hero in his mom's eyes.

When he found her on the floor having a seizure, he quickly called 911. "My mom's having a seizure," he said during a 911 call.

He was able to tell the 911 operator the name of his apartment complex. "I live in Casa Palmas," he said. "Is that enough? I don't know how to do this. I'm freaking out," he said. "Okay, take a deep breath, I'm here to help you, the operator said. "I don't want my mommy to die, he cried.

His mom is doing fine now, thanks to Jim.

"He's awesome," said his proud mom Monifa Ramsay. "He's amazing and you never know with children what really sticks. I've always told him if mommy gets sick you have to call 911," she said. "I think he's my hero!"

He did just what he was supposed to do and more.

Comforting his little sister during all this, Ayden knew he needed more help.

"So, I was holding her like this, saying it was going to be okay," Ayden demonstrated, "I went outside, Mr. Gene was over there. I said "come quick, come quick! Mommy's having a seizure and he came."

Back on the phone, Ayden said, "You going to send someone for help?"

"I'm sending the paramedics to help," the operator said, "stay on the line I'll tell you exactly what to do next.

Ayden wanted to hang up so he could wait outside for the paramedic. He stayed on the line but stood outside waving in paramedics.

"He was very helpful, knew where mommy's medication was, sister was very worried, a 5 year old. He was trying to keep her calm," recalled Paramedic Fire Fighter Sharon Ciciliano from Coconut Creek Fire Rescue.

He has a message for parents and kids, "I want to tell parents to teach them the phone number and their address," he said.

Now he's just proud that he did the right thing, at just the right time to save his mom. "I feel like a superhero, I feel like a veteran sometimes," he said,  "A super veteran."

Coconut Creek Fire Rescue provided these tips for how to teach your child to respond during an emergency:

1) Most people now have cell phones. The first step is to teach the child how to unlock your phone, or how to access the emergency button, which pretty much every provider has.

2) Practice unlocking your phone and dialing 911 with your child. (Don't dial 911 for real of course, but practice it)

3) Have your child memorize your address. Hang up your exact address prominently somewhere in your home where your child can see it and read it to the dispatcher if they ever have to call 911.

4) Make sure your child knows how to define the emergency. Is it a medical issue? A fire? Etc.

5) If you are away from home, teach your child to identify landmarks, signs, or other ways of explaining to emergency dispatchers where you are.

6) Teach your child not to hang up the phone until the 911 dispatcher tells him or her to.

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