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Latin-Asian fusion dishes designed for the community at 601 Miami

601 Miami dishes up Latin-Asian fusion dishes designed for the community
601 Miami dishes up Latin-Asian fusion dishes designed for the community 03:24

MIAMI — Whether you're rooting for the home team or dancing to the tunes of your favorite artist, there's one eating spot you need to know about: 601 Miami at the Kaseya Center.

This waterfront dining destination and event space, in the southeast corner of the arena, offers panoramic, quintessential Miami views. Unlike the fast concessions at the arena, or the pricier restaurants on-site, 601 is open to anyone who has a ticket. That's right – this venue is only open when the arena is.

"It's one of the premier spaces where patrons can sit down, get à la carte service, have drinks, and enjoy food,"  said 601 Miami's Executive Sous Chef Juan Prieto. 

The menu showcases his Puerto Rican roots, featuring Latin-Asian fusion dishes designed for the community he grew up with.

"It's amazing just growing up in the community and being a Heat fan and kind of seeing the evolution of the area and the food scene is kind of full circle where growing in my career, I get to do it, you know, here in this venue," Prieto said. "So, it's one of the premier entertainment venues in the country. And so, it's a pretty cool experience."

He knows when sports or music fans come to eat and drink, they want it fast and fabulous.

"So we designed our menu to be able to be executed quickly and get it to the table," Prieto said. "Have the guests enjoy their time here where they're not feeling in a rush to leave, but we try to get everybody their food quickly and efficiently."

The menu includes specialty drinks offered for $6.01 through the first quarter — a nod to the venue's name and address.

"The $6.01 happy hour has been a hit," Prieto said.

Chef Juan kicks off the tasting dishes with the tuna tartare made with black tuna, housemade guacamole and malanga chips.

"I love this!" said CBS News Miami's Lisa Petrillo. "It has everything I like in a tuna guacamole: the crunch of the cracker, perfectly salted, and really fresh fish"

Next, steamed bao buns with ropa vieja topped with ahi Amarillo sauce is served.

"It's a little sweet, a little spicy, a little tangy," Prieto said. "It's got a good dance on your palate."

And finally, the chef's tropical fried rice fits perfectly with their Asian and Latino-infused cuisine.

"So this is a party on a plate," Petrillo said. "It's got so much flavor, so much going on, it's hearty. But as you said, vegetarian, it's healthy. I could eat this day or night and I'm gonna come party here at the Heat."

601 Miami is open an hour and a half before every Miami Heat game and concert. Happy hour is available, and the bar stays open an hour after each game. For more info, go to

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