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6 Must Have Summer Pool Accessories

Summer is here and so is backyard pool season. As you pull the cover off your pool, measure out the chemicals and prepare for a few months of watery fun in your backyard, you just may want to get some fun accessories to really amp up the entertainment this season. From crazy floats to sports and games, there is plenty to add to your pool party to really impress your friends. Here are a few must-have accessories to enjoy this summer.

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The Pool Stool: Underwater Pool Chair With LEDs

Pool Stools

For those that love sitting in the pool with a cold beer in hand, these stools are a must-have. They sit in the pool itself, giving you a comfortable place to perch, instead of having to tread water while you're relaxing. The seat twists up and down to raise and lower the height and the bottom is filled with sand, so it stays put. Plus, the top is rechargeable light with up to 54 different colors. Deck out your pool with these brightly colored pool stools.

Swimline Pirate Island Adventure Set
Toy Splash

Pool Floats

There are pool floats, and then there are pool floats. This adventure set takes the concept of fun floats for kids to enjoy in the pool and turns it into a huge pirate-themed playset. It even comes with three inflatable swords and shields so it's safe to let the kids go crazy on the water with this colorful pirate adventure. It's hours of swashbuckling good times with this massive pool float.

Pool Party Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards
Home Wet Bar

Deck of Cards

There is no reason to keep your weekly card game on the patio or, worse yet, indoors, with these waterproof playing cards. They're the same size as traditional cards and come with a waterproof case, so you can have plenty of fun playing your favorite card games in the pool. No more relying on Marco Polo to pass the time in the pool this summer, now you can have all your friends over for a water-soaked game of Texas Hold 'em.

ProVolly Swimming Pool Volleyball Set
Toy Splash

Pool Volleyball

Beach volleyball is fun, but you always end up with sand where you don't want it. Instead, grab some friends and set up your own in-pool volleyball set for a few hours of great backyard fun. This set will transform your backyard into your own aquatic volleyball court with a 24-foot net that can be adjusted to fit smaller pools. It also includes the two 60-inch aluminum posts, net clamps and a hot pink, regulation volleyball.

Solstice Aqua Sofa With Instaflate System
Solstice on Amazon

Pool Blowup Chair

This super-comfortable float is more like your living room couch than it is a typical rubbery pool float. It's total pool luxury and can be used in the water or on your deck. It includes three matching pillows, an air pump and carrying back and it's big enough to fit three adults. Whether you're floating in the pool or sunbathing on your deck, you'll love this deluxe float so much that you may never want to go back inside.

Margaritaville Float and Tote Cooler
Pool Products

Pool Drinks

There are lots of fun ways to float your ice-cold beers in your backyard pool, but this one may be the most fun. The float reads "No shoes, no shirt, no problem" and can hold up to 12 cans of your favorite brew. There is also a place to keep some snacks and five cups as well. It also includes a thick strap so you can take this one with you to your friend's party if needed. It's totally un-sinkable! !and has a handy grommet so you can tether it to a tube, float or boat.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at

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