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5 Classes Moms Will Love To Take With Kids

What better way to celebrate mom on Mother's Day, or throughout the year, than to take a class and share time together doing what you both enjoy? The best and longest lasting memories are those that engage families and learning together. Read on for five suggestions of classes moms and kids will love to take together.

Moms and Kids Yoga

Mother\'s Day Yoga

Yoga classes for mothers and their kids have begun showing up at many spots nationwide, and doing yoga together offers an activity that is healthy both physically and mentally. Besides the health benefits, the opportunity for "just you two" time together is priceless. Plus, it opens the door for more time together in parks or even in your yard practicing your positions and enjoying each others company. Kids get to exercise with mom and experience the fun, feel-good ways to spend time out, and away from less healthy daily habits. Check for moms and kids yoga and exercise classes at community centers and yoga studios near you.

Moms and Little Swimmers

Mother\'s Day Swimming

Knowing how to swim is a life skill everyone should have, and what better way to learn than with mom? Before children are old enough for formal swimming lessons, parents can help young children feel comfortable in the water, and learning with you will help build trust with your little future Olympian. Very young kids in particular often feel scared and uncertain in the water, but with mom by their side, they'll be tackling the water in no time. Plus, the fun-in-the water and bonding time can be especially cozy for Mother's Day.

Cooking with Mom

Mother\'s Day Cooking

Celebrate mom at a Mother's Day Brunch you cook together. This and similar types of Mother and me cooking classes are found in many cities around the country. If not specifically for Mother's Day, look for cooking classes that are right fits that you and the kids would enjoy taking together. Afterward, you and your little chef can continue to cook together, creating a future tradition that you both can cherish for years. It may even awaken a passion in your child, and you both can continue to take classes together, or buy cookbooks and practice new recipes. Every day will be like Mother's Day!


Mother\'s Day Story Time

Mother's Day is about mom, but sometimes the best thing you can do is something that will expand your child's mind and imagination as you both enter an imaginary world together. Storytime sessions are one of the most popular mommy-and-me activities for kids, especially for the littlest ones. Libraries and bookstores run weekly storytime sessions along with other kid-focused activities that make for wonderful, cozy afternoon times. Depending on the venue there can be several stoytimes scheduled throughout the week for different age groups with reading selections appropriate for their age. These sessions are usually free and held weekday mornings. Check your local library branch for additional information and schedules.

Dance With Kids

Mother\'s Day Dance Class

The energy, discipline and athletic activity that combine in dance are simply magnificent, to both participate in and to see. Dance classes for kids are so popular, covering ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, modern and more. You can try one you both enjoy, or one that will simply be fun and provide some laughs together. Even if mom isn't the best dancer, you'll grow closer twisting, twirling (and maybe falling) together. There is a myriad of dance class choices for kids, but it doesn't stop there. These special classes develop flexibility and coordination, and promote physical fitness and motor coordination. Check class listings at community center dance programs, dance and gym studios in your area.

Melanie Graysmith is a writer, artist and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes on adult education, art and culture, business, and lifestyle topics, and enjoys writing short stories and poetry. She is also a part of the Bay Area independent film community. Her work can be found at


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