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Dead Cats Found In Abandoned Sunrise Home, Dozens More In Need Of Medical Treatment

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Rescue groups are coming to the rescue of dozens of cats found living in squalid conditions at a Sunrise home on NW 94th Avenue.

The cats were abandoned weeks or months ago. Some were starving and dehydrated. Ten were dead. A few had climbed into the walls through air conditioning vents.

Sunrise police were called to the home on Saturday and allowed rescue groups to remove the cats.

They found feces covering the floors and countertops. Water bowls were filled with urine.

Gina Vlasek, who runs Saving Sage Animal Rescue and is caring for the felines, says last week she had to dismiss a volunteer.

That volunteer once lived in the house where the cats were abandoned.

She never let on that she was hoarding cats.

"We've done many hoarding houses. We did one last week. She said 'wow' at no point did she say my house is worse than this," said Vlasek.

"If she was overwhelmed why didn't she ask for help? or at least leave a door open so they could find help," she wondered.

Sunrise police wants to talk to the volunteer.

She also ran her own rescue called 'Love is Feral.'

Outraged volunteers took to social media, urging supporters to not protect her or give her money and volunteers took to social media to send a message to their supporters.

The rescued cats are going to temporary foster care but permanent homes will have to wait.

They are evidence while police unravel the hoarding horror.

If you would like to help, Saving Sage Animal Rescue with donations go to their webpage at

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