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4 Months after crash, MDPD motorman Matthew Larsh walks out of hospital

4 Months later, MDPD motorman walks out of hospital
4 Months later, MDPD motorman walks out of hospital 01:41

MIAMI - After four months of extensive rehabilitation and multiple surgeries, Miami-Dade Motorman Matthew Larsh walked out of the rehab center on Friday ready to go home.  

It was a very emotional day for the officer after months of treatment to get him to this point.  He says he woke up two days after the crash with no recollection of what happened.

The video is shocking to see as Larsh collides head on with an SUV and is sent flying through the air.  Larsh tells us after watching the video, he can't believe he survived.  Today he took his first steps out of the rehab center and was surrounded by family and dozens of fellow officers.  Larsh says it was a mentally and physically traumatic experience, but he knew he'd recover and walk again.

"Four months ago, I woke up after two and a half days of not even knowing what had happened.  After almost losing my life.  I was in a bed and completely broken.  I'm a United States Marine.  We go forward.  We get up and we keep moving," he says.

As far as if he'll get back on a bike again, Larsh says that's a question for another day.

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