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3D Imaging Gives Plastic Surgery Patients Preview Of Results

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Every year, millions of Americans go under the knife in an attempt to improve their looks. While many approve of the fix, others wind up regretting it.

In an effort to prevent buyers' remorse, some surgeons are using a new 3D imaging to give potential patients a glimpse of what they will look like after the surgery.

Amy McGraw, 47, wanted liposuction, but was hesitant due to a previous experience with a cosmetic procedure. Several years ago McGraw, after a breast augmentation, was shocked with the results of her surgery.

"He made me a [size] DD, and when I came back after recovery and everything, I was like they're too big," said McGraw.

For her next procedure, Amy is leaving nothing to chance. She's having liposuction done by a surgeon who uses the new 3D imaging device that can show her just what she's getting into—no surprises.

The imaging is called Vectra XT and it allows experts, like Dr. Phillip Craft, to demonstrate exactly what they're aiming for—showing patients what to expect via 3D imaging on a video monitor.

"Let me see if I can show you what it would look like if I would do a little flattening," Dr. Craft told McGraw.

The 3D image of McGraw's body is incredibly detailed—and it's the detail that gives McGraw piece of mind.

When McGraw had her breast augmentation, all she had to look at prior to surgery were before and after photos of other patients. For her liposuction, with the 3D imaging, McGraw is able to go into surgery with a confidence that she will approve of the result.

"Having the doctor just be able to draw the flaw right out and say 'this is what you're gonna look like afterwards,' you don't have to leave it to faith. It's like science," said McGraw.

The mother of four is hoping that with the new technology, science and her surgeon, she can turn back the clock.

"It's cool to think that this is me and that I can have a flat tummy again. It's been a long time," said McGraw.

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