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Commander's Promotion Makes History At Miami PD

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Congratulations are in order for the City of Miami Police Department's newest assistant chief whose appointment is making history in the department.

Overtown Commander Anita M. Najiy, a 31-year veteran of the agency, will be promoted Wednesday afternoon during a ceremony at the Miami Police College Auditorium.  It's an historic promotion because no other woman in the department has ever held the high-ranking executive staff position of Assistant Chief of Police. Prior to this, the title of "Major" was considered the highest held by a sworn, female employee of the agency.

"I am privileged to select Commander Najiy as one of my assistant chiefs," said Chief Manuel Orosa in a statement. "I am doubly honored because our nation commemorates Black History the same month of her promotion." He added: "Our 116-year city has witnessed many milestones, but this, by far, is one of the greatest of our history."

Commander Najiy is expected to head the Administration Division, which is made up of crucial units such as Budget and Personnel Resource Management.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management and a Masters in National Security Affairs.

Esther Farmer from the Department's Labor Relations Unit is also being promoted Wednesday. Farmer's new role will be that of Commander, also an executive staff position of substantial responsibility. She has a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration.


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