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2nd Vehicle Believed Involved In NW Miami Mass Shooting

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Police have new leads in the mass shooting that killed 2 and left more than 20 injured this past weekend.

According to a senior law enforcement source, investigators now believe there was a second vehicle involved in the attack.

Surveillance video shows the moment masked gunmen opened fire on the crowd outside a banquet hall in NW Dade.

You can see three men get out of a stolen vehicle and within seconds, they spray bullets into a crowd, 23 people were hit 2 died.

Now, investigators believe it was a coordinated attack and they are still working to identify a second car involved in the shooting.

But while police investigate, there have been several other shootings in recent days. On Wednesday morning, in Overtown, two were rushed to the hospital in what Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo said appeared to be a drug deal gone wrong.

"Buyer beware. You don't know who you're buying from, the young people out there you have to really be cognizant that you're putting yourself at risk when you're buying dope or selling dope," added Acevedo.

But, not all the shootings have an apparent drug connection.

Early Monday morning, gunfire erupted on South Beach near popular restaurant Prime 112.

Last Thursday, in daylight near Casino Miami, a man was seen hanging out the window shooting at another car driving down a busy street.

Then 7 shot in Wynwood, and on Tuesday, the son of former State Senator Daphne Campbell's 23-year-old son was killed after a shooting outside a Miami Dade apartment.

On Facebook, Campbell wrote, "Oh God I lost my baby son in a senseless way with gun violence. While he was sleeping, the killer who does not have no heart, killed my son."

Tangela Sears, who also lost her son to gun violence, is speaking out. "I called Miss Campbell and didn't get an answer and 10 minutes later, she called me screaming and crying."

Sears says the cries from grieving families can be avoided if the system is changed to protect witnesses and create a federal task force to bring in criminals.

"As long as there's no consequences for the actions of these killers, they'll continue to kill because retaliation is real," she added.

Mayor Daniela Lavine Cava recently announced the Peace and Prosperity Plan to help curb the increased violence. It calls for $90 million in funding over 19 years to tackle this crisis, but Sears says solving the problem will require more than funding.

"Remember they cannot take someone into custody for homicide unless it's approved by the state attorney. So, those killers are not in jail and they're not being held anywhere. They are on the streets because there's not enough evidence," said Sears.

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