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15-year-old charged in Hialeah crash that killed 2 women, severely injured another

15-year-old charged in Hialeah crash that killed 2 women, severely injured another person
15-year-old charged in Hialeah crash that killed 2 women, severely injured another person 03:07

MIAMI - Hialeah police said a 15-year-old unlicensed driver has been arrested and charged in the fatal crash that killed 2 women and severely injured another. 

Police said the teen was read his rights on the night of the crash and "Post-Miranda, during a video-recorded interview, the defendant confirmed he was the driver of the Nissan Murano at the time of the traffic crash and that he has never been issued a drivers license, and that he obtained the keys of the vehicle without the permission from the owner."

Authorities said that through investigative means the Nissan Murano reached speeds of 83 miles per hour, two seconds before impact. 

Police said the teen, who is not being identified because of his age, has been arrested and charged accordingly.

The crash happened Tuesday evening in the 400 block of Southeast 5th Street in Hialeah.

Police said the injured woman is fighting for her life at Ryder Trauma. She was riding in the backseat of the car when it was struck by the car driven by the teenager. 

CBS News Miami learned many residents in the neighborhood heard the impact, including the parents of the non-licensed teen driver involved.

Hialeah police Lt. Eddie Rodriguez said the parents of the driver heard the impact, came outside, noticed that the vehicle was missing and then went over to where the accident occurred, to find that their vehicle had been involved in the crash.

There were two other 15-year-old passengers in the car driven by the teenager. The family told authorities they were unaware the teen ever took the car.

Police said the women in the other car were on their way back home from buying dinner.

The woman in the backseat, identified as 65-year-old Liliana Hernandez, the mother of the driver, is still in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"They cut her skull, because of brain bleed... We are very worried," said her husband Bob Hernandez, who lost his daughter in the accident.

Authorities said the impact was so strong, it sent the women's car through a fence.

The driver and front seat passenger died on impact. The backseat passenger was airlifted to Ryder Trauma.

A neighbor said the three women lived at the same house.

Residents in that neighborhood say the street where this all happened is known for crashes, and say something has to be done because "Last night's crash was by far the worst they've seen." 

In light of this tragedy, Hialeah police has a message for parents of teenagers: "Talk to your children, talk to your kids."  

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