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14 Hilarious Reactions To LeBron James Going Back To Cleveland On Twitter

By: Brittni Michaelis

So we've all been on #LeBronWatch2014 since free agency started on July 1st but it's been radio silence until now! The "Decision Part 2" has been made and ladies and gentlemen, Cleveland is the winner! With Bron Bron supposedly going to Brazil to watch the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany  the King and his camp finally ended the radio silence and are going home to Cleveland. In a well-written and moving article, LeBron James pens his reasoning and desire to return to Cleveland and the Cavs. While people in Cleveland are celebrating "LeBron James Day" today and Miami Heat fans burning #6 jerseys everywhere, let's look at the 14 most hilarious reactions to LeBron James' decision to return home to Cleveland.

14. Racing to Cleveland

13. The last remaining Heat fans

12. Cav's Jerseys Might Be A Little Ashy

11. Dan Gilbert's Apology

10. Dont Forget About Me Guys! Love, Johnny Football

9. #ClevelandWatch on ESPN 24/7?

9. TV appearance in his future?

7. The ultimate fan

6. The fact checker

5. Cue the sadness

4. LeBron James Day!

3. RIP, Big Three

2. Show yourself, Wade.

1. Cavs Owner Still Has Bron Bron's Jersey?

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