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14 Best Instagram Photos Of 2014

By Staff

Beyoncé was singing about it. Kanye West ranted about giving it a makeover. Rihanna was getting kicked off it, only to be let back on a few months later.

This year Instagram was everywhere, from the tip of our tongues, to the palm of our hand to the biggest headlines. And no matter how ugly Yeezy thinks Instagram is there's a lot of beauty to be found on it.

This year, musicians of all genres graced us with images that were certainly worth a thousand words, giving us a chance to realize, just as Us Weekly so often points out, stars are just like us.

They like to post photos of their kids, their pets, their Halloween costumes and, of course, themselves. Using an array of different filters, obvi.

We're not even going to try to estimate how many celebrity selfies were uploaded this year, but suffice it to say, a heck of a lot.

Our 14 favorite photos of the year include Beyoncé becoming an American icon, Taylor Swift trying to one-up Ellen's Oscars selfie and a very sad Kanye proving zip lining isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Enjoy the year in music Instagrams below.


1. Beyoncé Channels Rosie The Riveter

Months before posing in front of the word "feminism" at the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé was showing some female solidarity in this photo, which had her posing like Rosie The Riveter. We can definitely do it because in the words of Queen Bey, "Who run the world?" Girls, that's who.


2. Carrie Underwood Has a Bun in the Oven

Carrie Underwood took the opportunity to announce her upcoming pregnancy—with a little help from her two dogs—on Labor Day. The adorable pun was not lost on us, Carrie, not one bit.


3. Drake Gets Emoji Tattoo

Praying hands or the ultimate high-five? It's really up to you. But either way, Drake has it permanently inked on his body. We imagine the amount of people getting this same emoji tattoo went from 0 to 100 real quick after Drizzy's tattoo artist, Dr. Woo at the Shamrock Social Club, posted this one on Instagram.


4. Lorde Woke Up Like This

Lorde wants you to know she's not ***flawless with this photo that had her posting from her bed in Paris with her acne cream on. Clearly, this is just one of the reasons why she is the most powerful teen in the world.


5. Rihanna Plays Olivia Pope For a Day

Rihanna was part of her own Instagram scandal, getting kicked off due to some explicit content. But, when she got a chance to come back to the site, she decided to channel a different kind of scandal. You know, the Shonda Rhimes one. RiRi got to be Olivia Pope for a day posing at the White House before hitting the stage at the Veteran's Day Concert For Valor in Washington, D.C. Fitz, eat your heart out.

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