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10 Things You'll Never Expect To Find On An MSC Cruise

(Courtesy: MSC Cruises)

It seems as though cruise ships are becoming  much like the newest and latest technological device. With newer and more features than their predecessors, cruise lines are constantly touting innovative and unique amenities.  These 10 things found on an MSC cruise will surely amaze! 

  1. Pools That Go Right Up to the Water's Edge
    Cruise ships often feature a handful of smaller pools and Jacuzzis, situated in the center of the ship, with views of lounge chairs and scattered flip flops instead of unobstructed blue waves. On MSC, cruisers can sip piña coladas and lounge in an infinity pool – never knowing where the pool ends and the ocean begins. 
  1. Your Own Personal 'Winery'
    Having a few glasses of wine seems standard on a relaxing retreat, but wouldn't you rather become a vacation vintner? The Virtual Winery at Sea program allows MSC cruisers to create, bottle and label their own custom bottle of wine. There's an option to create up to a case to take home. 
  1. Good. Mediterranean Food.
    While buffets certainly have their place on cruise ships (snappy service and tons of options), specialty dining is thriving. MSC's partnership with Eataly (of the Batali foodie empire) brings authentic Italian cooking on board. Make a reservation at one of two restaurants on MSC Divina or MSC Preziosa. Or grab treats to bring home from the specialty market, since Eataly is currently only found in two U.S. cities. 
  1. Your Own Personal Butler
    You're on vacation, so why not hand over the reins and let someone spoil you for once? The splurge-worthy MSC Yacht Club is a private, crème de la crème area of the ship including top-notch, small-ship service with the advantage of large-ship amenities such as specialty restaurants and Broadway-style performances. Guests enjoy 24-hour butler service, a dedicated concierge, an exclusive restaurant and private adults-only pool and sun deck. It's the best of both worlds. 
  1. Access to the Mediterranean You Never See
    Can you find this city on a map? It's located in Minorca, a breathtaking Balearic island, just off the coast of Spain. While MSC does make stops in big-name destinations like neighboring Mallorca and Ibiza, it also whisks guests away to low-key, untouched islands that other cruise lines don't visit. 
  1. A Cirque du Soleil Performance You Can Only See at Sea

Even with inexpensive standard prices, Cirque du Soleil shows manage to consistently sell out on land. In the summer of 2017, see these acrobatic-filled performances for free onboard the new MSC Meraviglia, where MSC has partnered with Cirque to create a custom-designed theater and two unique shows for its cruisers. Don't worry about missing a show – there are performances six nights a week.

  1. Lots and Lots of LEGOs
    Since kids 11 and under sail free on all MSC cruises, there's a lot of options to keep the youngsters entertained. With an exclusive partnership with LEGO, MSC ships boast play areas where kids can stack and build for hours. Each sailing includes a LEGO Experience Day, where they can acquire a Junior LEGO Master Builder diploma. 
  1. A Race Car That You Can Take Out for a Spin (Sort Of)
    Fuel that need for speed, and hop into an actual Formula 1 car, complete with wrap-around screens, showing your every move on famous racetracks. Available on select ships.
  1. Underwater Workouts
    With all the good food, it's a good idea to hit the ship's fitness facility, complete with state-of-the-art free weights, treadmills and maybe a Pilates class or two. But have you tried spinning underwater? When was the last time someone told you to hop into the pool and onto a bike? Well, it's called Aqua Cycling and MSC is the only cruise line to offer it! 
  1. A Staircase You'll Stop and Stare At
    Talk about a grand entrance … No longer just for adorning your wrist in the form of a sparkling bracelet, 33,000 Swarovski crystals line the glass-encased grand staircase you will find onboard MSC Divina,, MSC Fantasia, MSC Splendida & MSC Preziosa. Why not embrace your inner Hollywood star and sashay down in your finest attire on a formal night?

To find out more about MSC Cruises, contact your travel agent, visit the MSC Cruises website or call 1-(844) 220-9878.

Above content provided by MSC Cruises


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