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Family looks for help days after Hollywood triple shooting kills man, wounds 2 nephews

Police say man shot his 2 nephews before turning gun on himself in Hollywood triple shooting
Police say man shot his 2 nephews before turning gun on himself in Hollywood triple shooting 02:36

MIAMI - One person is dead and two others were rushed to an area hospital following a shooting in Hollywood Thursday afternoon.

"We need prayers, my family," Tara Wierzba said.

Her nephews Alex, 15, and Richie, 21, were shot by their uncle Tony Wierzba at their rental home, the family said. 

Police said they received a call shortly before 4:30 p.m. about a shooting near the 5800 block of McKinley Street.

When officers arrived, they located three victims. Tony was pronounced dead.  His nephews were rushed to Memorial Regional in critical condition.  Both were shot in the head, the family said.

Alex Wierzba had no brain activity so his grandmother allowed doctors to remove life support, the family said.  Richie Wierzba was shot in the eye but is expected to survive, according to the family.  Their father was murdered 14 years ago, Tara Wierzba said.

After their father's death, Alex and Richie moved in with their grandmother and uncle.

According to neighbors, Tony drove tow trucks and looked out for everyone in their community.

"He always came over and asked us how we were doing. We would go over there and check on him..." said neighbor Michelle McDougall.

Detectives did not reveal a motive for the shooting.  Friends and family said Tony had struggles and seemed depressed, especially after learning the home his family rented was for sale.

However, none thought he would do anything violent.

"It's unforgivable," Tara Wierzba said.  "My older brother, Tony, he destroyed many lives.  Never in a million years did I think he would put bullets in my nephews' heads.  I don't know what else to say about that.  My mom, how could she go on like this?  She's lost her grandson, her youngest grandson, and now her second son.  She wants to mourn (Tony) but at the same time, how could she? She'll never forgive that."

Administrators at AEF School in Fort Lauderdale, where Alex attended, began raising money online to help with Richie's medical bills and help his family through a transition that could leave him, his sister and his mother without a home.

Hollywood police detectives continue to investigate. 

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