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Our favorite gifts for dads, for any time of year

49 perfect Valentine's Day gifts for Dad

We know that shopping for dad can be a huge challenge, which is why so many people default to buying their pop yet another boring tie, some new socks, or even run-of-the-mill underwear. 

You can do better. Give your father a gift he'll truly love –- something fun, unique, even useful. We put our gifting experts to work, and they came up with this roundup of fun and unique gifts that are perfect for dads.

Whatever your budget, we've found some great gift ideas suitable for any dad.

For the guy who thought he had everything: Custom bobblehead

Bobblehead Craft

Find your favorite photograph of your dad, upload it to Bobblehead Craft's website, answer a few questions, and in less than 25 days, your dad will receive a custom-made and personalized bobblehead that looks just like him. Choose between a six-, seven-, eight- or nine-inch tall bobblehead that is constructed using polymer clay.

When ordering, you'll provide your dad's eye color, hair color and skin tone. You can also have an up-to-25-character inscription engraved onto a metal plate on the base of the bobblehead. There are hundreds of body designs, outfits and props to choose from, so you can easily capture your dad's appearance and personality, while showcasing his job or hobby in a fun and whimsical way.

Pricing starts at $60, but plan on spending around $100 for a fully customized bobblehead with a premium outfit and props. This is a unique and highly customizable gift that allows you to showcase your dad's appearance, personality and career (or hobby) in a really fun way.

For the love of golf... and your dad: Lovepop Tee-rific Dad bundle

Tee-rific Dad Bundle

Sometimes it takes more than a generic card to get your message across. In this case, your message can literally leap off the page. This is a two-piece card set for golf enthusiasts that includes a "Tee-rific Dad" pop-up card and a matching, paper-based, three-dimensional golf bouquet.

You can fill out a message and present this card to your dad in person, or have it custom printed with a personalized massage (and an optional photo), and then have it mailed to your father for just $5 more.

Even without a separate gift, this unique, golf-themed pop-up card bundle is the ideal way to convey a sentimental message to your father.

Create a keepsake: Mariposa 1370 Square open heart frame

Mariposa 1370 Square Open Heart Frame

Here's a stunning, four-inch desktop picture frame that literally puts a heart around a favorite photo. Designed by master sculptor Michael Updike, the frame has an easel back and is made from recycled sandcast aluminum to give it a distinctive appearance. 

Head over to the Mariposa store on Amazon to discover dozens of stunning metal picture frames in a wide range of colors and sizes. 

You can even mix and match a few frames and insert a collection of photos within them to highlight the most memorable moments you and your dad have shared over the years.

The ticket to a perfect gift: SubHub gift card

StubHub Gift Card

Whether your dad loves live sporting events, concerts or shows, giving him a StubHub gift card, valued between $25 and $200, that can be used toward the purchase of any Stubhub-supported ticket -- for any event, anywhere in the USA. 

Your dad simply needs to visit the StubHub website, choose a location, and browse through the ever-changing selection of tickets. What we like about StubHub is that every ticket purchased is 100% guaranteed.

While we recommend a gift card of at least $100, you can choose any denomination that you can afford.

Great for video calling: Opal Tadpole webcam

Opal Tadpole Webcam

This ultra-tiny webcam includes a camera and microphone and is incredibly simple to set up and use. It's designed for use with any laptop computer, thanks to its clever plug-and-play functionality.

The webcam's adjustable clip allows it to easily attach to a computer's display. It plugs into a computer's USB Type-C port. 

One great feature is the camera's tap-to-mute function. The camera offers a 70-degree field of view and up to 4K resolution. This webcam can make it easier for your dad to participate in video calls with family members and look good in the process. 

For the Apple loyalists: AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) are currently the top-of-the-line wireless earbuds in Apple's lineup. Out of the three options, this is the model we recommend the most highly, because they integrate more features that enable the earbuds to produce significantly better sound quality and overall performance. Its charging case now supports USB-C or wireless charging.

With these earbuds, you get additional features like adaptive audio, active noise cancellation, a transparency mode, a conversation awareness feature and onboard touch controls. These AirPods use Apple's next generation H2 headphone chip. The dust, sweat and waterproof rating of the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) has been enhanced to IP54, which makes them a bit more durable for those looking for earbuds for the gym.

The good news is that while their suggested retail price is $249, we've seen them regularly on sale for less than $190.

If you're confused about which version of the popular Apple AirPods are best suited to the person you're seeking a gift for, our team of experts has written the perfect guide to help you make the right choice.

For the nostalgic dad: Victrola Premiere T1 turntable system


Chances are, your dad grew up listening to vinyl records –- before CDs and streaming music were even a thing. If he still has his old vinyl record collection, or you want him to relive his childhood playing music the old-fashioned way, gifting him a turntable system is something he'll really enjoy.

The Victrola Premier turntable system includes a pair of 60-watt bookshelf speakers, so except for the albums themselves, it comes with everything needed to play 33 ⅓ or 45 RPM vinyl records.

One feature this turntable system has -- that the ones from your dad's early years did not -- is Bluetooth functionality. This means the turntable can wirelessly stream audio to speakers, so there's no need for lots of wires crisscrossing a room. Victrola has been manufacturing record players for more than 115 years, so it's likely a brand your dad will remember. 

And if you want to add a few vinyl records to your gift, check out Victrola's online record store. This is a well-designed and affordable turntable system that includes speakers, so after just a few minutes of setup, it'll be ready to play dad's favorite vinyl records. 

For the dad who loves to tailgate: Weber Traveler portable gas grill


Ideal for tailgating and camping, the Weber Traveler portable gas grill can extend the BBQ experience far beyond your backyard. It sets up in minutes and uses 16-ounce gas containers or can connect to a larger tank with an adapter. 

With its single stainless steel burner, it delivers 13,000 BTU of even cooking power across a 320-square-inch cooking area. Whether your dad loves steak, burgers, hot dogs or any food that can be prepared on a grill, we like this model for its durability, overall design and value.

At 49 pounds, this grill easily fits in most cars. Its folding cart with two wheels makes setup a breeze. When folded, it measures 37.2 x 43.6 x 23 inches, with an aluminum frame. Choose from several colors: black, red, blue or an all-black "stealth" edition.

For the dad who loves golfing: Rapsodo mobile launch monitor for golf


With the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor, your dad can take his golf game to the next level. It can analyze a golf swing in real time, provide a slow-motion video replay and use shot-tracer technology to watch the ball fly through the air. It's designed to work with an Apple iPhone or iPad and can be used either indoors or outdoors. 

By taking advantage of Doppler radar, this device offers professional-level accuracy within 2% of higher-end launch monitors. It measures nine core golf matrices, including carry, total, side carry, ball speed, smash factor, launch direction, club speed, launch angle and apex. 

He'll get personalized insights to better understand the game and improve faster. To take full advantage, a premium membership (sold separately) is required. The unit itself is portable (6.85 x 4.72 x 2.28 inches) and can be set up in just minutes. 

There's a lot of powerful tech packed in this present, but a golfer does not need to be tech savvy to use it. The latest model offers a new auto calibration feature.

For the dad who loves his TV: Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror and light strip


If your dad watches movies on TV, this gift can make that experience much more immersive. The Nanoleaf 4D screen mirror and lightstrip kit goes behind a TV and displays colors that enhance whatever is playing on the screen.

It works using a small camera that attaches to the top of a TV and faces the screen. The camera analyzes what's being displayed and adjusts the light strip's colors and brightness in real-time to sync with the action. Watchers can easily adjust the degree of immersion — from soft ambient lighting to a bright and direct match to what's happening onscreen. 

The strip itself has 10 lighting zones that can be controlled together or separately. And better yet, this kit is fully compatible with more than 50 other Nanoleaf smart lighting products, including the new Shapes limited-edition ultra black hexagons smarter kit ($200) or the Canvas smarter kit ($180). Both provide on-wall ambient smart lighting that can all be controlled using the same app. 

This is a powerful and easy to operate smart lighting kit for anyone who watches TV shows or movies on a 65-inch or larger TV. 

For the cozy, outdoorsy dad: Breeo X Series smokeless fire pit


There's something very special about sitting around a fire pit. The Breeo X Series smokeless fire pit is 22 inches wide and made from heavy-gauge stainless steel. It's a wood-burning, outdoor fire pit that can be used to create a backyard bonfire. 

Thanks to a proprietary airflow design, this fire pit generates very little smoke and won't permeate clothing with that all-too-familiar campfire smell. The unit weighs 62 pounds and measures 27.5 inches across and is 14.75 inches tall. 

It's made in the USA and arrives with a shiny, blue-steel facade. Over time, it will develop a unique patina. The fire pit is well made and durable. It will make the perfect addition to your dad's backyard.

For the dad who deserves a home theater: Bose Smart Ultra TV soundbar


Most larger 4K smart TVs (55 inches or more) prioritize slim design over sound quality. To match their stunning visuals, consider adding a soundbar.

For guys who enjoy watching sports or movies, the new Bose Smart Ultra TV soundbar will enhance any TV's sound quality. It can be used alone, or be combined with a subwoofer and rear speakers to create a complete surround-sound system. This soundbar supports Dolby Atmos. 

TrueSpace technology separates sounds and makes seem like they're coming from different parts of a room. The soundbar includes six transducers, including two upward-firing dipole speakers, so it will feel like a space is filled with sound from every direction, even overhead. The soundbar measures 41.14 x 4.21 x 2.29 inches and comes with a handheld remote. It also accepts voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant.

The soundbar uses Bose's impressive audio engineering and design to give TV viewers a far more enjoyable listening experience than what their TV can offer. In our recently published five best soundbars for 2024 roundup, the Bose Smart Ultra was our pick for best TV soundbar overall.

For the pickleball dad: Helium Atmos pickleball paddle set


Pickleball has become incredibly popular, especially with the older crowd. So if this is a sport your dad already plays, or might enjoy trying out, the Helium Atmos Pickleball paddle set is the perfect gift.

This set comes with four USAPA-certified pickleball paddles with texture, a tactile comfort grip and a lightweight honeycomb core. The paddle frames are made from carbon, carbon fiber and polypropylene. Their surface measures 16 x 8 inches, while the grip is 4.87 x 4.5 inches. This construction makes the paddles lightweight and easier to control. It also allows players to have a stronger and faster swing.  

Included with this kit are six outdoor pickleballs and a bag to hold everything. Whether your dad starts playing pickleball for fun or decides to enter tournaments, this kit will help him elevate his game. 

This is a great starter set for an amateur or casual pickleball player, but the paddles are equally suitable for more advanced players.

For the Lego collector dad: Lego mosaic maker


Even if your dad is not a Lego fanatic, one Lego kit he'll likely enjoy is the Lego mosaic maker. You submit a portrait to Lego, where it will be scanned and converted into a custom Lego set using 4,701 small white, light gray, dark gray and black Lego pieces. 

You can see exactly how your photo will look as a 24 x 24-inch Lego mosaic before ordering it by visiting Lego's website and uploading a photo. This is a gift your dad could enjoy putting together with his grandchildren.

Lego is not just a toy for kids. In fact, the company offers more than 160 Lego sets designed specifically for adults and that cost hundreds of dollars. There's the 1961 Chevrolet Corvette kit ($150) that can be built using 1,210 Lego pieces, or the Eiffel tower set ($630) that will challenge even the most skilled Lego builder with its 10,001 pieces. One of the more popular Lego sets for adults is the Lego Titanic ($680). It comes with the required 9,090 Lego pieces and is designed to take the average person around 15.5 hours to complete.

This is a unique, personal keepsake that's ideal for Lego fans or anyone who enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles. 

For the dad who already loves his grill: Ooni Koda 16 gas pizza oven


Who doesn't love gourmet pizza? The portable Ooni Koda 16 gas pizza oven makes crafting delicious homemade pies a breeze. Whether your dad's cooking for himself or hosting pizza parties, it's perfect for the job.

The oven heats up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes, and can then cook a Neapolitan-style pizza in about a minute. Setup takes less than two minutes. It comes with everything needed (except for the pizza ingredients). 

Your dad will adore the compact, weather-resistant design, but most importantly, the 16-inch homemade pizzas he can make with it. This is a high-quality, easy-to-use and portable outdoor pizza oven. 

For the dad who carries it all: Timbuk2 custom messenger bag


For any guy with a modern style and who refuses to carry a stuffy looking briefcase, consider giving him a Timbuk 2 gift card for between $150 and $200. He can then order a custom-designed, ultra-durable messenger bag that can hold his most important papers, belongings and a laptop. 

From the Timbuk 2 website, your dad can choose the bag's color combination and size, plus add extra features (like a drink holder, padded laptop computer pocket and padded shoulder strap). While all of the messenger bags have the same core design, they're available in four sizes. 

Dad can pick the color for each of the three outer panels. There are more than 40 canvas colors to choose from, including several that are reflective. All of the bags are made from recycled pre- and post-consumer materials and are designed to resist moisture. The company's new design features stronger and more stylish buckles and straps. 

We love the durability and customizable aspect of the bag. Pre-designed messenger bag options are available on the company's website.

For the dad who really needs a new wallet: Bellroy Hide and Seek Premium Edition billfold


An elegant leather wallet is a gift your dad will use for years. What sets this Bellroy wallet apart is its interior design. Without creating a lot of unwanted bulk, it's able to hold bills and multiple credit cards. 

There's even a special hidden compartment and small coin pouch within the wallet. In other words this wallet offers a really nice balance between timeless elegance, a sleek design and versatile functionality (based on what it can hold). 

It's a well made and affordable wallet that's designed to hold bills, coins and multiple credit cards while maintaining a slim design that fits easily into a pocket.

For the cozy dad: Paka Apparel hoodie

Paka Apparel

What material is as warm as wool and as soft as cashmere, but more durable and less expensive? The answer is the combination of royal alpaca fiber and recycled nylon that's used in Paka Apparel's hoodies. The alpaca fiber is sourced from Puno, Mexico, dyed in the mountains of Arequipa and then woven in Cusco, Peru by female artisans.

The end result is a classically styled hoodie that's extremely lightweight (about 10 ounces, which is three times lighter than wool). It's remarkably soft, odor-resistant and thermoregulating. The hoodie offers really good heat retention, but it is breathable, so it's comfortable to wear in a variety of climates and temperatures -– indoors or outdoors. 

We love this hoodie because it's super comfortable, stylish, soft and extremely well made by a small and independent company based in Peru. It will quickly become your dad's favorite pieces of outerwear. 

For the handy dad: Leatherman Signal (19-in-1 multitool) for outdoors


Here's a modern take on a classic Swiss Army knife that will help your dad enjoy his next outdoor adventure. This is a 19-in-1 multitool that fits in a pocket. It can also be worn on a belt, thanks to the supplied sheath. The tool itself weighs just 7.5 ounces and is a mere 4.5 inches long. 

Despite its small size, it contains an impressive collection of tools, including pliers, a wire cutter, knife, saw, hammer, fire starter and a can opener. It also comes with a 25-year warranty. Nine handle color options are available. 

This pocket-sized multitool from Leatherman can be used in a wide range of outdoor situations, including camping, hiking or fishing.

For a dad who loves that extra-smooth shave: Gillette heated razor starter kit


A cold razor? On your dad's face? No.

One of Gillette's latest wonders is a heated razor with a stainless-steel warming bar to keep his skim pleasantly warm as he shaves. 

This shaver uses Gillette's five blade cartridges and takes advantage of Flexdisc technology to smoothly glide along facial contours. It's also waterproof, so it can be used in the shower. 

Combine all this with a sleek and ergonomic handle and a rechargeable battery, and your dad gets a soothing shaving experience. The kit comes with the shaver itself, two blade cartridges and a charging station. It'll work nicely with your dad's favorite shaving cream or gel.

For the dad who loves shooting family videos: DJI Osmo Pocket 3


Using an ultra-lightweight camera that easily fits in a pocket, it's never been easier or more convenient to record family videos, vacation videos, or a child's recital.

The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 features a powerful 4K resolution camera on a three-axis mount attached to a handle. This means it can record extremely smooth and clear video, even if the camera is in motion. Built into the handle is a two-inch, full-color touchscreen that works as a viewfinder and camera control system. 

Simply turn on the camera and press the record button on the handle. The thumb joystick controller lets you to pan and zoom in or out. 

Video can be shot at up to 4K resolution (120 fps) with accompanying stereo sound. And the one-inch CMOS sensor allows the Pocket 3 to capture detailed and smooth video in virtually any lighting situation. 

The design of this camera is genius, making it almost foolproof to operate. Video is recorded on a microSD memory card and can be transferred to a computer or mobile device to view, edit, store and share. While this DJI camera might somewhat resemble an action camera, the Osmo Pocket 3 is not waterproof and somewhat fragile. It's best used on land and in calmer filming situations.

For the history-buff dad: The New York Times custom front page puzzle

Uncommon Goods

Choose an important date in your dad's life -- such as a birthday or anniversary -- and curate a 500- or 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the front page of the New York Times newspaper on that exact date. Choose any date between 1851 and the present. Newspapers from 1998 or later are reproduced in full color. (If you're commemorating an historic event, keep in mind that major news events are typically reported the day after they actually happened, so choose your newspaper date accordingly.)

The puzzles are created on paperboard. The 500-piece version will measure 19 x 13 inches, while the 1,000-piece puzzle will measure 27 x 19 inches. This is a great gift for a history buff or anybody who enjoys puzzles.

This gift offers is a unique way to commemorate a special date in your father's life. 

For the fitness-minded dad: Coros Pace 3 watch


If your father enjoys running, biking, skiing or any of 17 other activities, but he isn't tech-savvy enough for a full-featured smartwatch, we recommend the Coros Pace 3 watch with integrated GPS. This watch has a battery life up to 24 days and is very thin and lightweight. This makes it's comfortable to wear during workouts or physical activities. 

While the watch offers a nice collection of fitness features, it's stylish enough to be worn day and night. There's even a sleep tracker built in. Using the integrated GPS, someone can plan routes or track where they've been. The touchscreen is easy to view in any lighting situation. 

Fitness data gets transferred to a computer running the Coros Training Hub software, or to a mobile app running one of several compatible apps. Then your dad gets personalized insight into his health and fitness. There are even training plans and workouts he can take advantage of directly from the watch. These include oversight and guidance from professional coaches.

This smartwatch weighs just 1.06 ounces and is 0.46 inches thick. It's a powerful and durable training and workout tool that's both easy to use and comfortable to wear.

For a dad who wants both comfort and style: Amberjack Original shoe


Treat your dad to a shoe wardrobe upgrade, allowing him to retire those worn-out dress shoes or loafers that have served him for far too many years.

Crafted with A-grade full-grain leather and lined with luxurious sheepskin, these men's dress shoes effortlessly transition from the office to a night out. Combining style and comfort, their timeless design ensures versatility with almost any outfit. Available in 13 color options, the same sophisticated shoe design is also offered in water-repellent Italian suede for added variety.

For less less formal occasions, Amberjack offers The Loafer ($175), which also offers a timeless style that's easy to match with an outfit. This shoe is available in 11 colors and is made from either A-grade, full-grain leather with a sheepskin lining or water-repellent Italian suede.

Two words sum up what these dress shoes are all about -- comfort and style. Amberjack offers a wonderful job offering both in every pair of its well crafted shoes.

For the dad who needs a better night's sleep: Beautyrest Harmony Lux pillow

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Pillow

Life is stressful and everyone needs a good night's sleep. One of the best ways to achieve this is with an incredibly comfortable and supportive pillow. 

If your dad has already tried memory foam, latex or cotton-filled pillows, but still can't manage to stay comfortable throughout the night, we recommend this Harmony Lux pillow from Beautyrest. It provides luxury, functionality and a premium design that allows for superior comfort and neck support.

Ideal for back and side sleepers, this plush and lightweight pillow uses a responsibly-sourced North American down feather blend. It also uses a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to help regulate temperature. The Standard version of the pillow measures 26 x 20 x 8 inches. Both the pillow cover and insert are washable and designed to last for many years. We think this will instantly become your dad's all-time favorite pillow.

Everything about this pillow exudes luxury -- from its appearance to its feel and overall quality. The person using this pillow will feel pampered every night.

If you're dad's a real road warrior: Cincha Travel Belt for Luggage

The Original Cincha Travel Belt for Luggage

The trick to becoming an efficient traveler is navigating your luggage through airports and hotel lobbies. Most larger luggage pieces and carry-ons have wheels now, but smaller bags still require hands, or wrapping bags over shoulders or necks.

This is where the Chincha luggage travel belt comes in handy. Using this ultra-durable and adjustable belt, you can attach a backpack or smaller handbag to one of your wheeled carry-ons to make everything easier to move. The strap itself weighs a mere 7.8 ounces and is made from durable nylon. It can expand up to 45 inches, which is enough to fit around most totes, backpacks, purses, briefcases, or messenger bags.

The Original Cincha Travel Belt for Luggage is a great gift for anyone who travels often and already has a wheeled suitcase or carry-on. 

Put his name in lights: YellowPop custom LED neon sign

Yellowpop Neon Sign

In addition to offering hundreds of pre-created LED neon designs your dad can use to decorate his man cave, YellowPop allows customers to custom order a text-based sign that can say just about anything. 

When ordering, you can choose the sign's text, font, size and color. Either a solid color can be selected or there's a version that can change colors. As you design a sign on the YellowPop website, you can preview exactly how it will look once created and hung up on a wall. There's even an option to make the sign waterproof so it can be displayed outside. 

If your dad has a favorite saying or quote, or you have a special message you want to display in bright lights, this is your chance to create a custom LED neon sign that will last for years.

For an uncluttered desk: Journey Alti Wireless Charging Desk Mat

Journey Alti Wireless Charging Desk Mat

Whether your dad works from an office or has desk setup in a study at home, this Journey Alti wireless charging desk mat is visually elegant, minimalistic and highly functional. It comes with a detachable wireless charging pad that can recharge a smartphone and wireless earbuds at the same time. 

The main surface of the desk mat is reversible. One side offers plush felt and the other offers vegan leather. Whichever side your dad chooses, it's large enough to accommodate a computer keyboard and mouse (and not require a mouse pad). Choose between a light grey, black or navy blue color. Between the felt and vegan leather layers (which are water resistant) there's a hidden compartment for storing a few papers.

One of the key benefits of this desk pad is that it reduces cable clutter when it comes to recharging mobile devices that support MagSafe or Qi wireless charging.

For an avid reader: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

For someone who loves to read, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is one of our all-time favorite e-readers. In fact, we chose it as the "best e-reader overall' in our recent coverage of the five best e-readers of 2024.

As its name suggests, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature edition is a slightly more feature-packed edition of the popular Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. This version supports wireless charging using any Qi-compatible charger, or it can be charged via a wired USB Type-C connection. The Paperwhite display is easily readable in any lighting situation -- including direct sunlight.

The display's brightness and contrast are auto-adjusting, based on ambient light. And this version of the Kindle is waterproof. Plus, it can serve as an audio player for audiobooks or podcasts. Since they are no internal speakers, you'll need to pair the device with your choice of wireless headphones or earbuds (sold separately).

This e-reader comes with a three-month trial subscription to Kindle Unlimited. This service offers access to more than four million e-books, audiobooks and related content. After that, the monthly fee is $11.99. However, you can also buy e-books or audiobooks individually from the Kindle store directly from the device when it's connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Just reading e-books or listen to downloaded content doesn't require an Internet connection.

How to pick the perfect gift for your dad

Everyone's dad is different and has his own interests, personality and lifestyle. That's why it'll probably take a bit of creativity and thought to choose the perfect gift for your dad. 

Beyond just your budget, here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the ideal gift for your father:

  • Are you looking for a funny or lighthearted gift? 
  • Do you want a sentimental gift he'll cherish?
  • Will he appreciate a functional gift?
  • If he has a hobby, like golf or outdoor grilling, would a related gift be most appreciated?
  • Would he prefer a gift that he'd never buy for himself, but will enjoy using?
  • Does your dad prefer gifts that can somehow enhance his overall health or wellbeing?
  • Do you want to present a gift that will outdo your siblings or other family members in terms of extravagance? 

Once you determine how much you want to spend and then what type of gift you're looking for -- based on the impact you want to make -- deciding on the ideal gift will be much easier. If a gift needs to be custom made or shipped from a company other than Amazon (which typically offers two-day or faster Prime shipping), be sure to schedule your shopping accordingly. 

Just remember, it's not always how much you spend on a gift that will determine how much your dad will appreciate it. It's often more the thought or sentiment behind the gift that he'll truly appreciate.

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