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Want to own your own island?

Private islands aren't just for millionaires.

While it may seem like one of the trappings of being super-rich, kicking back on your own island beach doesn't have to cost millions of dollars -- as long as you don't expect all the luxuries of living on the mainland, like electricity. River islands, lake islands and little islands off the coast in the Northeast go for anywhere from $40,000 to just under a million.

Tropical islands, most of which are located off the coast of South Florida, are a little rarer, and more expensive, with one running over the $100 million mark.

Check out these 10 islands on the market around the country.

Less than $100,000

Chandler Island will only set you back $40,000. (Image courtesy of

You can own a private island for a mere $40,000. As you might expect, such a meager sum won't buy you much more than the concept that you own a private island. Chandler Island is "an acre, more or less," according to the listing, situated in Wohoa Bay in Maine. At high tide, it's about "the size of an average suburban yard." The only thing included with the property, besides its natural vegetation, is a gazebo.

At least it's easily accessible -- the island is only 80 miles from the state's third most-populous city, Bangor, and boats can reach the island at all times, except at very low tide, when you can actually walk to it because the water is only waist-deep.

Around $150,000

Image courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Not all private islands are on the ocean, and if you only have $150,000 to spend, you can get a lot more bang for your buck with an inland island like Naomi Island.

This $125,000, 5-acre wooded island is located 90 miles north of New York City, tucked into a patch of the Lazy River near an RV campground. It's accessible by boat from the riverbank (which is only about 1,000 feet away). The island also includes some old buildings from a defunct camp -- though they will have to be torn down, according to the listing, unless you plan on filming a horror movie first.

Around $250,000

Image courtesy of Private Islands Online

Hit the quarter-million dollar mark and you can start buying islands with shelter on them.

Notoriously clean Coventry Lake in Connecticut has one island, Underwood Island, and it's up for sale for $250,000. For that price tag, buyers get a 2-acre wooded island that includes 2,000 feet of shoreline, a dock, cottage and a freshwater pond. With only 280-square-feet of living space though, the cottage is small and a little rustic, meaning it has no running water -- it must be hand-pumped from a well -- and no electricity without a generator. The cabin does have a composting toilet. But at least it's inside, and on your very own island.

Around $500,000

Image courtesy of Private Islands Online

Located in Lake Manitou in northeast Indiana, this 1.25-acre island is thousands of miles from any ocean.

Known as Treasure Island, the $590,000 property has 70 feet of pier structures, a lighted path around the island and a furnished cottage that includes electricity and a septic system. Eighteen feet of shore frontage is included as well. The island is recognized as a wetlands area by the state, so wildlife is allowed to roam free.

Around $750,000

Image courtesy of Vladi Private Islands Michelle

Located in a small bay in the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York, Canary Island offers a six-bedroom, three-bathroom home with views of the main shipping channel, for boat-watching enthusiasts. The $850,000 property includes another building with living quarters and a three-slip boathouse, four motorboats, a deck and granite seawall to protect the property from the wake of all those ships. The price also gets you a private dock at the mainland marina, which is about one-third of a mile away.

Around $1 million

Image courtesy of Private Islands Online

This small, half-acre private island, Dolphin Jump Key, in the Florida Keys is on the market for nearly $1 million. It includes a shore lot, deep water dock, kayaks and motor boat. The island cottage has a sink and oven in the kitchen, along with a dining area and a bedroom. There's also a sink, shower and toilet in a separate bathroom. Boat out a short distance from the island and you can dive on the reef or swim with dolphins. Or head to Marathon, Fla., which is about 5 minutes away, if you get a little lonely.

Around $1.25 million

Image courtesy of Private Islands Online

The 3-acre Jonathan Island sits in Narragansett Bay along the coast of Rhode Island. The property includes a 1,800-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with a screened-in porch that looks over 17-acres of Audubon Nature Preserve, beachfront and a dock.

Around $5 million

Image courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Most private islands are accessible by boat, but the $6.9 million Fanny Key Island in Florida can also be accessed by helicopter, thanks to the island's own helipad. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home features walls of windows, a pool and electricity and running water. But if you're looking for privacy, this little island can't guarantee it. It's less than 500 feet from the shores of Marathon, the largest city in the Florida Keys.

Around $25 million

Image courtesy of Vladi Private Islands Vladi Private Islands

Little Bokeelia Island is a 104-acre island located about 3.5 miles off the shore of Florida between Sarasota and Naples in Pine Island Sound. The island's many features include a Spanish-style villa with private guest quarters, Koi pond, lagoon, waterfall, tennis court and a small "village" area with a caretaker's cottage, another guest retreat, pool and informal history museum.

Enough infrastructure was built to accommodate other lots as well, if you want neighbors on your private island. The island has been for sale for two years, but the $29.5 million price tag hasn't budged since it was first listed.

Around $100 million

Image courtesy of Russell Post Sotheby's International Realty

At $110 million, this 26-acre island just off Key Largo in the Florida Keys ranks as this year's most expensive listing -- so far. What does $110 million buy you? A 5,000-square-foot, three-bedroom home, a marina, tennis courts that can apparently double as a helipad, caretaker's cottages, dock master's apartment and a 20-slip marina. Pumpkin Key, a resort unto itself, is technically part of a private gated club, so the owner has access to any of the resort-like amenities there.

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