Top 5 kitchen trends of 2014

  • The wireless kitchen

    The Prep Pad / Orange Chef

    This year's most useful kitchen accessory: Your smart phone or tablet. All kinds of new kitchen gadgets are popping up with features that aim to connect with your wireless devices through Bluetooth.

    The Orange Chef Prep Pad scale connects with an iPad through an app that offers the nutritional profile of any food based on its weight -- from a salad to a bowl of cereal. Crock Pot offers a slow cooker that allows you to control the cooker remotely.

    Wireless thermometers are making headway in the market as well. The Maverick Chef Tunes is a kitchen speaker, hands-free phone, roasting thermometer and clock, all in one small box that sits on your countertop. Oregon Scientific's similar Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer sends temperature alerts to your phone or tablet when your dinner has reached a pre-selected level of doneness.

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