9 homes that upset the neighbors

  • Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ben Tesch

    Everyone has driven past an oddball house that makes them wonder what in the world the neighbors think.

    Homeowners' odd and sometimes-spiteful choices have been bothering neighbors, challenging local laws and affecting their area home values for centuries. From garish paint jobs to trash-covered lawns to imposing perimeter walls, it seems almost every neighborhood has at least one strange standout.

    Some homeowners make changes to their properties with the intention of being annoying -- like building a house close enough to the neighbors to block their light and views -- but others are less malicious.

    These houses often gain attention for causing heated feuds, and this is especially true for famous homeowners like Facebook (FB) founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose Hawaiian getaway recently drew ire from nearby property owners.

    Click ahead to see nine homeowners who upset their neighbors.

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