7 incredible multimillion-dollar motorhomes

  • Photo courtesy Millennium Luxury Coaches

    If you've never aspired to live in a trailer, you may want to reconsider. Some of the motorhomes out there cost more than the average house -- or an entire block of homes.

    This kind of on-the-go luxury doesn't come cheap. The most expensive coach on the market is listed for $3 million. That will buy you red- carpeted entry stairs, glow-in-the-dark exterior paint and a rooftop cocktail lounge.

    Celebrity actors like Will Smith and Ashton Kutcher often use these opulent abodes while on set, but famous people and their studios aren't the target demographic for RV businesses. Most customers are successful retired or semi-retired people, according to the Marathon Coach company. Erich Merkle, a sales analyst with Ford, echoed this idea in a recent press release, saying baby boomers with time to travel are the key drivers of luxury motorhome market growth.

    If you want to see the world, control the temperature of your floors with the push of a button, or buy a home that can clean itself, a motorcoach could be the best way to travel -- if you have a few million dollars to spare. Take a look at what a million dollar mobile home really looks like.

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