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"She's a trooper": Girl shot at Victorville mall recovering from 3 gunshot wounds to arm

"Throw the book at him": Grandmother of girl shot in Victorville mall speaks out 03:09

The grandmother of a little girl who was caught in the crossfire of a shoe store owner chasing away shoplifters at a Victorville mall is happy he's been caught, and hopes authorities "throw the book at him."

Robin Saldarelli has been in to see her granddaughter, 9-year-old Ava, who suffered three gunshot wounds during when shots rang out at the Mall of Victor Valley Tuesday night. Ava is still recovering after being airlifted to Loma Linda Medical Center.

(credit: Robin Saldarelli)

Ava suffered three gunshot wounds – two to her lower arm, and a third in the upper arm that shattered the bone. Saldarelli says doctors told the family they cannot repair the bone, and that Ava will have to wear a special brace so it can repair on its own. Ava will likely also suffer nerve damage as a result of the shooting.

"She's a trooper, she really is," Saldarelli said. She said Ava only started crying when she saw her grandmother.

Ava was with her mother and other children taking pictures with the Easter Bunny when the gunshots rang out. Authorities say the gunfire came from the co-owner of a shoe store called Sole Addict who was chasing away shoplifters.

"Seems like we are living in a really crazy world right now, with all the shootings that are going on. It's not even safe to go get your pictures taken with the Easter Bunny," Saldarelli said.

The Sole Addict store owner, identified as Marqel Cockrell, has been arrested in Nevada and faces attempted murder charges.

"I'm glad they caught him. He will definitely pay for this," Saldareli said. "I really hope they throw the book at him, because you cannot go around shooting in a mall, especially when there's a lot of children in there with the Easter Bunny."

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