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Target Introduces New App Offering Coupons Only Redeemable In Stores

LOS ANGELES ( — Target is teaming up with Facebook to introduce a new app that aims to get more shoppers back inside its stores.

The Cartwheel app, which is still in beta testing, features savings that can only be redeemed in stores.

In order to sign up for Cartwheel, shoppers have to register through their Facebook page, using either a computer or smartphone. editor Anne Marie O'Neill reviewed the app for CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Sibila Vargas. Her blog is one of the leading sites geared toward mothers.

"I can see why Target is trying to leverage its audience on Facebook. It's got this massive audience, and why not try to find a way to get them into stores?" O'Neill said.

Before O'Neill began adding items to the app, she disabled the feature that automatically alerts your Facebook friends about the deals you've redeemed.

"I don't really need my friends to know that I bought hand cream at Target today: that qualifies as way too much information for something that small," O'Neill said.

Anne Marie found plenty of discounts from 5 to 20 percent off items she wanted, like toys for the kids and work-out clothes for herself. However, the app put a limit on her savings.

"I'm not sure why my Cartwheel maxes out at 10 items. Once I got 10 items [in my cart], it wouldn't let me add any more," O'Neill said.

Still, this mom was happy with the deals she did cash in on. She found $25 workout pants for 5 percent off, a $17 sports bra for 10 percent off and an $8 Mossimo tank top for 20 percent off. She also scooped up a $16 Twister game for 10 percent off.

Then, O'Neill headed for the checkout line, where the Cartwheel barcode was scanned and the results were a little more than $5 in savings.

"I wouldn't necessarily drive down here for $5.30 of savings on four items, but if I had the app on my phone, the app is free, I'm here at Target and I'm looking at these items, I'd give it a search to see if they were there and if I could get the extra discount, sure!" O'Neill conceded.

O'Neill checked back in a few weeks later and said the more she uses the app, the number of items she can purchase increases beyond 10 at a time.

Target says buyers can also layer their Cartwheel savings on top of other coupons.

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