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Stolen Rolls-Royce Gets Mangled At End Of Brief Police Pursuit

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA)  -- A Rolls-Royce crashed during a short but dangerous police pursuit in Hollywood.

iKCAL9's Tom Wait said the chase started at busy Hollywood and Highland in the heart of rush hour.

Bicycle police believed the guy stole the Rolls and tried to pull him over. It all ended in about five minutes  -- on Franklin, near the Hollywood Bowl.

Police say the driver side-swiped two vehicles -- one of them belonging to Daniel Leung, a LADWP worker.

"The Rolls-Royce was just kept on coming straight at me, it came at me in a bee line. I don't understand why he didn't swerve out of the way," says Leung.

Rolls Royce Crash
(credit: CBS)

LAPD officers say after the Rolls slammed into two trucks it was out of commission but the driver would not come out.

Police were able to identify the guy and call his family.

"We reached out to them on the phone and were able to have him come out of the vehicle and helped us deescalate the situation, have him step out. He was taken into custody without incident," says LAPD Sgt. Michael Guttilla.

One man streamed the stand-off live on social media.

As for who owns the Rolls, police were not sure.

Wait contacted the dealership that sold the car says someone bought it two weeks ago but they would not identify the owner.

The two drivers who were side-swiped were not seriously injured.

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