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Social Network Launched To Help Keep Military Families Connected

TRABUCO CANYON (CBS) — Camo -- short for camouflage -- is a type of uniform often worn by service members to keep them alive. But camo is also the name of a new social network to help keep military families connected.

"These are all of the members that are online right now. So all of the little green dots mean they are available to chat," said Allee Campbell from her office in Trabuco Canyon, where she can find support from a military wife or girlfriend, who feel just like she does – sad or lonely.

"What's the hardest part about loving someone in the military," Campbell read. "Loving Mike is the easiest thing that I've ever done, but I hate the loneliness that comes along with it."

Campbell, whose Marine boyfriend was deployed, was determined not to wallow in her sadness. Instead, she found friends to commiserate with through her new website, Camo is short for "Connecting All Military Others".

"I was sitting in church one day and the priest was talking about the greater good and how you need to, well you can be successful, but you just need to do something that helps other people. It was as if someone walked by and dropped this idea into my head," Campbell said.

The site, which works much like Facebook, has attracted thousands of visitors from around the world in less than two months since being launched.

"This is just what everyone's status is. So you can check people's statuses throughout the day," Campbell said as she demonstrating the site's mobile app, which is available for iPhones and Androids.

"You can just click straight on their profile and they can comment and connect with them," she explained.

CamoConnect was intended for parents, siblings or anyone who loves a military service member, Campbell said.

Relatives of members of the armed forces in Canada, Australia, the U.K. and Indonesia have also found CamoConnect.

A South Carolina hotel, hoping to make a military couple's dream come true, hooked up with CamoConnect. They are offering a free $25,000 wedding package.


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