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Slight Decrease In COVID-19 Hospitalizations, Giving Some Hope Of Surge Plateau

SHERMAN OAKS (CBSLA) - On Saturday, health officials with Los Angeles County reported more than 39,000 new cases of COVID-19, 72 deaths and a slight decrease in hospitalizations at 4,700.

"We're just getting COVID tested on a regular basis to make sure we're where we're supposed to be," said Lisa Bani-Esraili, whose family didn't have to wait long for a COVID test in Bel Air Saturday.

The demand for testing is not the only thing dropping either.

Compared to last week, the total number of new COVID-19 infections is down by 13%. Hospitalizations also dropped by more than 100, signs that the Omicron wave may be leveling off.

Dr. Angelique Campen works in the emergency room at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank.

"So, the last few shifts I've worked, I definitely am feeling that it's plateauing. So, that's an encouraging thing. It's not that things are getting any better, but they're not increasing and getting worse," she said.

Campen added that it's not time to celebrate, as the number of hospitalizations and deaths are still too high. The Omicron variant is highly transmissible, which is why health experts say getting vaccinated and masking up remain vital.

"Keep in mind to wear a mask that's comfortable, that you're not fiddling with because your hands are where you're actually going to come in contact with the virus and then infect yourself," she said.

Hersel Bani-Esraili agreed with Dr. Campen's advice.

"We have to get vaccinated. We all have to get tested. We all have to wear masks. We all have to take the necessary measures and listen to the science," Hersel said.

Starting Monday, Los Angeles Unified School District students can no longer wear simple cloth masks to class, in an effort to keep everyone on campus safe.

With new daily cases still in the tens of thousands two years into the pandemic, people who spoke to CBSLA said it's up to everyone to keep doing their part to help stop the spread.

"We're in this fight together, as a team, as a whole world," Hersel said.

Dr. Campen did note that hospitals are still stretched thin and that people should avoid going to the ER just to get a COVID-19 test.


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