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Police: Psychic Found Body Of Murdered 11-Year-Old Boy

LAKE FOREST ( — A woman who found what appears to be an 11-year-old boy's body says she knew where to look and police Thursday are not refuting her claim.

Pam Ragland, who says she has psychic ability, knew where to look for Terry Dewayne Smith.

"It's actually giving me chills right now – I was like that's the building I saw," says Ragland.

She was describing a vision she had to KCAL9's Tom Wait.

"I saw him like under a tree, kind of laying down --  like he was sleeping. I saw the city was far away and there was a dirt road," says Ragland.

The psychic joined searchers – and she says with the help of a fire fighter -- she located Smith's home and the body.

"It was actually my kids – they said 'Mommy there's an animal' – and I looked at it and said, that's not an animal," Ragland says.

Police confirmed to Wait that Ragland did find the body and say they questioned and released her.

Meanwhile, back at Smith's home, his mom's partner – Denise -- said, "We are just asking for a little time to grieve. Everybody who has known Terry, if they are lucky, for five minutes. We have known him for 11 years and we have 11 years of grieving to do. They have three days of searching. We appreciate all the pain they have but they have to remember ours."

Smith's father, who lives in West Virginia, has barely begun to grieve.

Talking to reporters Thursday, Smith Sr. broke down while discussing his son. "He was a very loveable, bright …  child," said Smith.

The coroner has not yet officially confirmed the remains found on the property belong to Terry Smith.

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