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Parody Featuring Cinderella Getting STD Test Has Moms Talking

LOS ANGELES ( — A parody of the incredibly popular Disney princesses going to the gynecologist has many talking, but not everyone is on board.

"Whether or not you agree with me or don't agree with me or think it was appropriate or inappropriate, you're still talking about it," said New York-based writer and sex ed speaker Danielle Sepulveres.

Sepulveres talked to CBS2 via Skype about her portrayal of the princesses to spotlight Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, a campaign she says is often ignored.

"The most important message is that it's not something that is to be hidden, it's not something that women need to be embarrassed about or ashamed of," she said.

In Sepulveres' Tumblr post, the illustrations by her collaborator Maritza Lugo show Aladdin and Jasmine discussing family planning, Belle getting contraceptives, Cinderella getting an STD test, Mulan at her annual OB exam, and Tiana getting an HPV vaccine.

Some call it amusing, while others say it's inappropriate.

"I think it's amazing, it's great, any opportunity to do that," said one mother.

But not everyone agrees.

"Princesses are for little girls," Edyta Mazo, another mom, said. "This type of advertising probably is not catered to the appropriate person who should be taking care of their health."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 12,000 women are diagnosed every year with cervical cancer and about one-third of those women will die.

Doctors say that's because the majority of those cases aren't caught early.

Keck Medicine of USC Oncologist Suisui Song says that's why awareness and prevention is key.

"Most cervical cancer are HPV related so if caught earlier stage and treat appropriately then I believe a majority of the cancer could be prevented," she said.

The illustrations have been shared worldwide.

The woman behind the drawings has not heard from Disney and neither has CBS2. Because it's a parody, she says she isn't violating licensing laws.

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