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Opinions Differ On Whether 405 Reconstruction Project Will Help Commuters

SEPULVEDA PASS ( — As final preparations take place for this weekend's Carmageddon II, opinions differ on whether the 405 freeway reconstruction project in the Sepulveda Pass will even make much of a difference to the average commuter.

Caltrans executives and local officials believe the Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project, which will expand the 405 and add a longer commuter lane, will relieve congestion, increase the flow of traffic, and speed up the commute back and forth for drivers.

Sharm Schaffler hopes the freeway work will at least bring temporary relief to commuters.

"The 405 needs to be fixed. It's a major highway, it shouldn't be like that," he said.

Veteran traffic school teacher Kenny Morse, aka Mr. Traffic, said expanding the 405 won't make a difference.

"Carpool lanes certainly aren't the answer. It'd be nice if they were," he said.

Morse, who hosts a national radio talk show on transportation and founded a popular Los Angeles traffic website, said fixing crumbling infrastructure is important.

However, he said the billion dollars should be spent on a solution that would really make a difference, such as rapid transit.

The entire road project is expected to be finished in late 2013.

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