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New Revelations Emerge In Story Of Special Needs Student Being Beaten Up On Viral Video

STEVENSON RANCH (   —  More details are emerging about the viral video of a special needs student being punched repeatedly outside his high school last week.

KCAL9's Erica Nochlin reports there are revelations about the incident and what possibly led up to it.

Parents have been having lots of discussions with their kids this weekend on the subject of bullying.

On the video, one student -- who has been arrested and since released  -- is shown repeatedly punching a special needs student outside West Ranch High School.

Sunday, CBS2/KCAL9 learned of a second video -- this one showing two special needs students fighting with each other, including the one shown in the now viral video.

Nochlin spoke to a student Sunday evening who described why he stepped in to stop the fight we have shown.

In both of the videos, several kids are shown standing around and doing nothing to stop either fight.

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In the first fight, Eli Skolnik did step in when he saw what was happening.

"I just threw off my backpack and sprinted over there," Skolnik said. "Just because I wanted to help him. He couldn't defend himself."

"As parents it makes us feel proud," said Skolnick's father, Jeff Skolnik. "It shows he has character. He knows right from wrong."

The school district sent a statement saying they were glad to see students coming to the defense of the student with special needs. On Friday, many kids came to school wearing black in an act of solidarity for the alleged victim.Many also showed support for the special needs student with hashtags.

"People were just trying to bring awareness to the whole situation [about bullying]," said Eli, "and we're also very angry at that kid [who hit him.]"

The Sheriff's Department is still investigating both videos.

The school did not want to comment about possible consequences of the fighting.

The student who was arrested has a court date set.

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