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'Getting Famous At 12 Was Overwhelming And Strange': Nat Wolff On 'The Kill Team,' The Naked Brothers Band, Alexander Skarsgård

(CBS Local)-- Fame hits at different points for everyone in Hollywood, but very few have been thrust into the limelight as early as Nat Wolff.

The actor, musician, and director got famous at 12 when he and his brother Alex starred in "The Naked Brothers Band" on Nickelodeon and toured the country playing music. Wolff's father is a musician and his mother is actor Polly Draper, so he always knew he would go into the family business. The star of the new movie "The Kill Team" with Alexander Skarsgård has learned a lot about show business during his career.

"I got really famous at 12 years old and it was overwhelming and strange," said Wolff in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "Then I got completely unfamous and it went away. It sort of prepared me for this business, which is a lot of ups and downs and it just trained me to focus on the work. It's just about doing the best you can and then working hard. By the end of high school, I started doing films and playing in a band with Alex."

Wolff has been in major movies like "The Fault In Our Stars"  and has worked with everybody from Robert De Niro to Mary J. Blige. While there have been many child stars to flame out, Wolff is proud of the fact that he's doing his best work in his 20s.

"I feel really really lucky because it takes an extra strong person to make it through without having a real life," said Wolff. "I have good parents that are crazy in their own way, but are really good people. I think I had that advantage and I had the time to learn the craft of acting. Developing as an actor and musician was necessary."

Wolff's plays an American soldier in Afghanistan in his latest movie "The Kill Team" alongside "Big Little Lies" star Alexander Skarsgård. The two will also play main roles in the new CBS All Access show "The Stand." This was the first movie where Wolff played a real person and he made sure to take the preparation seriously.

"I feel like I'm finally playing the parts I dreamed of playing when I was watching all those movies from the 70s," said Wolff. "More character driven stories with characters that are a little bit more complex and adult. I got to go meet with the guy I really played. I stayed with Adam in Seattle for a bit and he's a really interesting and complicated guy. He is very inexpressive and is full of trauma and pain from this event. Most of the time we were watching The Sopranos and hanging out."

"The Kill Team" hits theaters on October 25.

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