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Metrolink Bans Hoverboards, Self-Balancing Devices On Trains

LOS ANGELES ( — Hoverboards and other self-balancing electronic devices will be ban from Metrolink trains starting Monday, according to the Southern California commuter railroad.

"This is a proactive step we've taken to ensure the safety of our passengers," Metrolink spokeswoman Sherita Coffelt said. "There have been concerns voiced about these devices catching fire and blowing up, and until there are more studies done, we're not going to allow them on the trains."

Hoverboards function like skateboards but operate using electromagnets, rotors and other advanced technology.

According to Coffelt, there have been no reported injury accidents involving hoverboards and other self-levitating products on Metrolink trains or at its 55 stations.
"We just felt it was prudent to take this action now to prevent anything from happening."

If passengers board trains with their boards, Metrolink personnel will ask them to step off but will not seize their devices, she said.

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