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'I Never Thought I'd Be Playing A Badass FBI Agent At This Point': Jean Smart On 'Watchmen,' Regina King, Kate Winslet

(CBS Local)-- Jean Smart can't help but laugh when she sees herself on "Watchmen."

While the actor is known for her roles on shows like "Designing Women," "24" and "Fargo," the role of Laurie Blake on the new HBO show starring Regina King allows her to show off her range.

"She [Laurie] thinks she is such a tough cookie, but she's kind of not really deep inside," said Smart in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I never thought at this point in my career I'd be playing the badass FBI agent. Hey, I'm not complaining. I've been so fortunate. I've gotten to do so many different types of roles and I've never been typecast."

One of the great joys of this project for Smart was sharing the screen with incredible performers like King and Tim Blake Nelson.

"To be able to work with Regina, and Tim, and Jeremy Irons was just a delight," said Smart. "She [Regina] is just one of my favorite kind of actors. She's fun and she's accessible and smart and works really hard. She takes the work seriously and set the tone for the whole show. I'm very happy to count him [Tim] as a new friend. He's a delight and a wise-ass and one of the smartest people I've ever met."

In addition to her role on "Watchmen," Smart will in a miniseries with Kate Winslet called "Mare Of Easttown." While Smart has played several great parts in her career, there are two she wishes she could've played.

"There are two roles that spring to mind that I would've killed to have done," said Smart. "First is Kelly McGillis's in Witness, which to me is a near perfect film. I love that movie and the other is Sigourney Weaver's part in Galaxy Quest."

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