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In-N-Out Employee In La Mirada Found Dead In Eatery Parking Lot

LA MIRADA ( —  A longtime In-N-Out Burger employee in La Mirada was found shot to death Friday in the restaurant's back parking lot.

The shooting was reported at 4:45 a.m. at 14341 Firestone Boulevard, according to Deputy Lisa Jansen of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Upon arrival, deputies discovered the victim lying on the pavement about 100 feet from the trash dumpster.

"A preliminary investigation revealed the victim sustained a gunshot wound to the upper torso," said Deputy Grace Medrano. "She was wearing an In-N-Out Burger restaurant uniform and appeared to be an employee of the restaurant, which was located adjacent to where the victim was found."

Paramedics pronounced the victim dead at the scene. Her name was Josefina Alcocer of Buena Park.

Her husband works at another In-N-Out, and their son was once an employee for the same company.

The victim's friends, Alma Uribe and Kiki Mansfield, brought their families out to the parking lot Thursday night and prayed.

"Who would do something like that to her?" Uribe asked. "She had no enemies. I loved her like a daughter. She was one of the best. She worked for me for many years. And she was still helping me. I saw her yesterday."

"I don't know who would do something like this. It's heartbreaking," Mansfield said Alcocer loved children. "My kids, they would go run and hug her as soon as they see her."

Alcocer's cousin, Juan Gaupo, said she was a hard worker, who had been employed at that restaurant since it first opened 20 years ago.

"The entire In-N-Out family grieves today over this senseless tragedy as we send out thoughts and prayers to the Alcocer family," said company owner and president Lynsi Snyder said. "Josefina had been a part of our In-N-Out family since 1996 and she was one of our original associates at our La Mirada restaurant. We are devastated and will miss her. We will remain strong and stand in love for Josefina."

Detectives are reviewing security video hoping to identify the killer or killers. "We have an advantage nowadays of solving a lot of crimes with the technology we got. So by all means, that's always a big part of our investigation. We're going to be looking into that as well," said Lt. Steve Jauch of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

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