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Hollywood Bowl Opening Night Preview

Nightlife & Music Hollywood Bowl fireworks
Photo Credit: Hollywood Bowl via Facebook

Hollywood Bowl
2301 North Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 850-2200
www.hollywoodbowl.comPrices: Vary, click here for details and reservations

It's almost here: opening night at the Hollywood Bowl, the perfect place to be to hear top rate music while sitting in the half shell, watching the sun set over a fine summer evening in Tinseltown. For die-hard Angelenos, scheduling an evening of entertainment on the first night of the Bowl is a right of passage, and it's always something to share over the water cooler the following work day.

The Hollywood Bowl officially starts its summer season on June 22. That's a Friday, so be sure to check in for tickets if you aren't a already in possession of these precious pieces of paper. After all, you don't want to miss this first chance to dig a concert under the stars at one of the best places in the world to listen to music, all in our own backyard. With that said, don't hesitate to shell out a few bucks for an amazing evening under the half shell, as all of the proceeds will be going to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and its various musical education programs. Pack your best Bowl meal (or order one in from any one of the many Los Angeles restaurants that offer such pleasures), and then get on down to this Los Angeles landmark for some awesome music and a whole lot of fun this summer. Expect big vocals and musical renditions from even bigger names and cap the evening off with a fabulous fireworks show on opening night.

A Little Bit Country: Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Reba McEntire may be a Nashville regular, but she's constantly on the world stage as she spreads her talent to all kinds of adoring fans. Being on the roster for the Hollywood Bowl's opening night for the summer season is a treat for all kinds of music lovers as this hell-bent redhead does her magic on the half shell with McEntire favorites like "Cry" and "All The Woman I Am." Expect sassy comments between each number as well as heartfelt remarks from this iconic talent who never disappoints.

Rhythm with Blues: Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images for Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame)

There's nothing like having an A-list diva on the roster for opening night at the Hollywood Bowl. Grammy-winning Chaka Khan has been on the music scene for the better part of four decades, delivering her brand of R&B to all sorts of audiences all over the world. Also expect to hear all kinds of other genres, including funk, pop, rock, jazz, gospel, hip-hop and classical being added to the mix, ensuring everyone can enjoy all the talent this awesome artist has to offer.

A Classical Icon: Thomas Wilkins
Nightlife & Music Hollywood Bowl Wilkins
Photo Credit:

Thomas Wilkins conducts the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with a lot of savoir faire, especially after starting his professional career while flailing his arms around a lot. Not anymore. This principal guest conductor now saves his magical hand movements for more than spectacular moments, while leaving the over-conducting to other impresarios of his ilk. Now the fireworks during the opening night finale when the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra takes over the musical aspect of this part of the program will provide some of the bigger moments, leaving Wilkins and his talented charges to do the rest. All in all, this should be one inspiring moment at the half shell on opening night 2012 come June 22.

A Whole Lot of Sound: Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
Nightlife & Music Orchestra
Photo Credit:

Under the auspices of Thomas Wilkins on opening night, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra continues a tradition that started in the 1920s: Opening night at the Hollywood Bowl. This landmark date at this landmark place puts all sorts of sounds out into the Los Angeles ozone, from stirring classical to cool jazz, from Broadway's best to pop's sizzle. Now under the permanent baton of John Mauceri for the past two decades, this maestro will take over where Wilkins leaves off for a grand summer season at the Hollywood Bowl.Los Angeles freelance travel writer Jane Lasky, contributes to publications such as Travel + Leisure, Vogue and Esquire. Her weekly sojourning column ran in 40 newspapers for 20 years. Jane is anything but an accidental tourist. Check out her articles on

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