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Burglar-Proof Your Home

By Mario McKellop

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, crime is on the rise in America. The FBI's 2016 Crime Statistics Report revealed that crime increased by 4.1 percent from 2015 to 2016. And the Los Angeles Times recently reported that the situation is even worse in LA County, with cities like Torrance and Long Beach experiencing near double-digit crime increases in the last decade. To protect their properties and families, Los Angeles-based homeowners should make their living spaces burglar-proof by buying a security screen door.

Security screen doors and burglary prevention

To start, it should be understood that when breaking into a home, 34 percent of burglars go in through the front door. Given that property crimes cost Americans $15.6 billion in 2016 alone, Angelenos have a significant financial incentive to secure their homes with quality security screen doors.

Security screen doors look like regular screen doors but are constructed to resist breaching. Most commonly made out of metal, these doors prevent against forcible entry by way of impact, knife, tool or pull down attack. While most chain hardware stores carry a wide variety of cheap security screen doors of various levels of effectiveness, it's best to purchase one from a retailer that specializes in personalized home security solutions, such as Wynstan.

What to look for in a screen security door

When shopping for a security screen door, it's important to find a model that provides protection against the widest range of attacks. As a 189 lbs. man can easily launch a physical attack with 100 Joules of force (J), it's important to find a security screen door that can withstand multiple 100J+ impact attacks. Similarly, a security door screen should be made with materials that can withstand a sustained edged weapon attack. It should also be sturdy enough to resist being pulled down and rugged enough to stand up to a leveraged assault on all of its hinging, locking and fastening points.  

As such, its good idea to purchase a security screen door from a company like Crimsafe as its units have been rated to withstand blunt instrument, knife and screwdriver based attacks, amongst other benefits. Additionally, Crimsafe security screen doors are constructed of 304 Grade stainless steel Tensile-Tuff Mesh, and feature a 0.9mm cross-section that is 26.5% thicker than industry standard 0.8mm screens. Accordingly, they can't be kicked in, pried loose or cut.

Being secure without sacrificing aesthetics

Another reason why it's a good idea to buy a Crimsafe security screen door is that they lack the unsightly bulk of other deterrents such as burglar bars. From the exterior, Crimsafe products look like an ordinary and visually pleasing screen doors. From the interior, they allow you to enjoy all of Los Angeles County's sunny days and scenic vistas unencumbered. That unique blend of pleasing aesthetics and home safety is something that an off-the-floor security screen door simply cannot provide.

Click here or call 1-866-667-6799 to schedule a free, in-home, personal security screen door consultation with a representative today. 

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