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Hamilton Performance Canceled At Pantages Theatre Through Jan. 23

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — Performances of Hamilton at the Pantages Theatre were canceled through January 23 due to "breakthrough COVID-19 cases" much to the dismay of fans.

"We got into our hotel rooms and I opened up my Ticketmaster app just to check the tickets and see how long it would take to get to the theater from our room and noticed that it was canceled," said Matt Davis.

Davis, his wife and their four children — all huge Hamilton fans — drove four and half hours from Merced to view the show in downtown Los Angeles.

Pedestrians walk past the Pantages Theatre, on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, where the play, Hamilton, is scheduled to resume on August 17, 2021. Hollywood, the neighborhood, is attempting to recover from pandemic-related business closures and damage caused last year by rioters among demonstrators protesting the murder of George Floyd. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

On Tuesday, the theater wrote on Instagram that Tuesday's show was canceled saying, "In the ongoing effort to ensure the well-being of our cast, crew and audience the performance of Hamilton on Tuesday 12/28/2021 at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre has been canceled due to breakthrough COVID-19 cases."

"With COVID-19 cases still rising in Los Angeles each day, the Omicron variant has yet to peak, and we expect many refunds and suppressed sales for the next several weeks," the show's producer added in a statement. "In consultation with our epidemiologist, we are proactively and immediately canceling performances through January 23."

Later in the day, the theater announced that all shows would be canceled through Jan. 23.

The theater said all tickets would be refunded at the point of purchase.

"On behalf of everyone at Hamilton, we apologize for the disappointment and for any inconvenience this may cause," the theater wrote.

The Pantages said more information on upcoming shows would be made available soon.


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