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Gathering For Ezell Ford, Autopsy Results Fail To Materialize

LOS ANGLES ( — The results of an autopsy for a 25-year-old man shot by Los Angeles police in August are expected to be unsealed by the end of the year, but plans for a rally at LAPD headquarters to spur their release on Monday failed to materialize.

Tyler Izen, president the LAPD Protective League, told CBS2's Dave Lopez that none of the officers in the union have expressed uneasiness about the autopsy results being released.

"The autopsy is one piece of evidence," Izen said. "Nobody can conclude anything about whether the shooting was in-policy or out of policy just from the autopsy."

Ford, a mentally challenged black man, was unarmed when he was shot and killed in a South LA front yard in August. The LAPD said Ford struggled with two police officers and went for one of their guns.

Witnesses told a different version of the events, and the controversy has been fueled by the LAPD's order to the coroner's office to keep the autopsy under seal.

But last month, Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered that the results of the autopsy be released before the end of 2014.

While the mayor was out of town on Monday, a staff member told Lopez that Garcetti will keep that promise to have the results released by Dec. 31.

Nobody answered the door at Ford's parents' home on Monday, and in the neighborhood where the shooting took place residents told Lopez the results of the autopsy don't mean much to them, they see Ford as a victim of police brutality.

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