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Gas prices jump yet again, nearing record highs

Gas prices jump again, nearing record highs set earlier this year
Gas prices jump again, nearing record highs set earlier this year 00:19

For the 28th day in a row, gasoline prices have increased in Los Angeles. The 12.2 cent increase occurred overnight, bringing average prices close to record highs previously set in June -- now sitting at $6.38.

The record, $6.46, was set on June 14, the last day of growth before a brief period of decline.

However, prices have once again been on the upward trend, climbing $1.13 cents over the greater part of the last month, including the largest one-day jump since 2012, when average prices skyrocketed 15.3 cents on Thursday

Numbers increased throughout the Southland, with Orange County experiencing an average spike of 13.5 cents, now sitting at $6.38. 

"This week saw the most significant gas price increases since they jumped 77 cents in one week in March," said AAA's Doug Shupe. "Until the state receives significant amounts of imported gasoline and local refineries are fully operational again, we will likely continue to see pump price increases."

Experts point to a number of reasons for the steadily rising prices, including the ongoing war in Ukraine and unplanned maintenance on local oil refineries. 

While it's unclear exactly when those refineries are set to return to full function, drivers can look forward to November, when companies in California switch from the pricier "summer blend" of gasoline. 

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